Spring time – plant your garden seeds soon, or miss your optimal planting time

It’s that time of year again, soil, day and night time air temperatures are nearing the optimal temperatures for direct seeding in your garden or raised bed soils.

An older blog post you may find useful Seed To Fork
North Dakota State University Agriculture Extension – Combinations found to be beneficial

Temperature, it’s all about the soil temperature.
Soil temperature is almost never to warm, however, soils that are to cool and damp at worst can cause your seed to rot in the ground and at best take many days to germinate. Seedling in cool soil grow slowly and often do not develop into healthy productive plants.

vegetable seed germination chart

herb seed germination chart

Words of wisdom: Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day. Harry S Truman

8 responses to “Spring time – plant your garden seeds soon, or miss your optimal planting time

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  2. Thanks for sharing these helpful charts. I don’t feel so bad that I’m late getting my cucumbers planted!

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  3. Zone 5 here – Your blog notice came to me as a very timely reminder to get a move on sowing my summer crops. It has been so cold though lately that I barely have my winter crops in. Today I am planting cabbages in the garden and trying to get some seed sown. I garden intensely to which is my mark in life. Normally around April 19th is my time to get annuals in the garden or at least make a start as that has been our go-to on the frost date, but boy, not this year. Mothers Day weekend marked a deep frost at 29F. I spend my days more in journaling lately if anything just to keep warm!

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  4. Thanks for this information! I’m growing some herbs, veggies, and flowers again this year.
    I need to transplant my herbs into regular pots soon.


  5. Oh the pressure!!!! I’ve been trying to get things planted and am almost getting things under control. It took me longer than usual to get the winter weeds dealt with because our spring has been so long and miserable, but now suddenly, it’s turning warm and I have to hurry it up. Your post is just one more crack of the whip! Thanks.


  6. Up here on the 51st parallel it was -7C (19F) overnight and the predicted high for today is a 9C (48F). granted that is on the unseasonably cold side but still too cold for any kind of planting. My bedding plants are doing very well. They will get planted first week of June. I may do potatoes and seed stuff in another two weeks but not if it stays unseasonably cold.


  7. Not here…..it snowed yesterday, flurries but still…..very cold for Mother’s Day. Usually our lilacs are out by now.

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  8. I have finally gotten into the routine for starting seeds inside in March/April for the few plants I want to grow. I think the fear of not having sunflowers or sweet pea is my motivation! Always good to have a reminder 🙂


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