Soil Temperature is more important than calendar date

Soil Temperature is the true key for better and quicker seed germination. Soil Temperature is equally important when your plant seedlings. With the right soil temperature seedlings will quickly send out roots and become well established healthy plants.

To day my soil temperature at 4 inch depth is 48%. Time to plant cool weather loving crops like onions and garlic for fall harvest.

Here is a planting chart with some of the more common garden crops and the best soil temperature to plant.

2 responses to “Soil Temperature is more important than calendar date

  1. Same here … waiting … and waiting….


  2. Waiting for the warm-up here! I usually wait actually until the air temps at night are consistently above 40- to 60 degrees at night however even waiting for soil temps we can still get snow as late as April or even May in zone 5. Our usual last frost date is around the 19th of April.


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