Ruger Targis .177 Caliber Air Rifle Review

The Ruger Targis is priced from as little as $90.00 to as much as $200.00. I got mine at Walmart for $89.00.

It should be noted that this rifle ‘Is Not’ manufactured by Ruger, it is manufactured under contract by Umarex to Ruger specifications.

Targus is equipped with their proprietary SilencAIR 5-chamber noise dampener. Even equipped with this noise damper this high velocity air rifle is not noise less. At first it was ‘loud’ however after about 250 pellets being fired it is much quieter, about 1/2 as loud as it was on my first shot.

It is a heavy pellet rifle weighing in at almost 10 Lbs. Young people, some women and old guys may want to invest in a sling when going afield.

It comes with a 4X32 scope (mine was made in China). It’s about what you would expect from a low cost accessory and works fine for viewing targets within the range of the rifle and beyond.
Don’t whine about a free scope not being up to Leupold or Bushnell optical and quality standards.

Front and rear sighs are fiber optic. Rear sight is Adjustable for both windage and elevation. Front sight is red fiber and rear site is green fiber making proper sight alignment fast and easy.
Since I am targeting ‘mostly’ rats and cottontail rabbits at ranges of less that 40 yards I am considering removing the scope. No complaints with the scope but I am not into competition shooting. I really don’t need a scope or the added bulk of having a mounted scope.
Grin … I’m getting old but I can still see a rat at 25 yards without a scope.

Trigger pull is a heavy at about 3.3 lbs., non-adjustable and has a very long free travel pull length. Trigger pull is adjustable, however it still has a long free pull length. I have become accustomed to it’s pull length and don’t find it overly troublesome.

Cocking a Targis requires 30+ lbs. of effort. Some younger people, women and some old guys may find it bothersome. However keep in mind this is a high velocity air rifle up to 1,200 fps.
This must also be taken in to consideration when thinking about it’s loud report and substantial, for an air rifle, recoil.

Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Loudness Medium (less after a few hundred pellets have been fired)
Barrel Length 18.7″
Overall Length 44.85″
Shot Capacity Single shot
Cocking Effort 30 lbs.
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight Fiber Optic
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage and elevation
Scopeable Weaver/Picatinny (came with a 4X32 scope, marked Ruger but is made in China)
Trigger Two-stage with adjustable take-up
Buttplate Rubber
Suggested use Small game hunting/target shooting
Trigger Pull 3.3 lbs
Action Break over barrel, Spring piston air delivery
Safety Automatic
Weight 9.85 lbs.
Velocity 1200 fps using alloy pellets, 1000 fps/lead pellets (less as pellet weight increases)
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambidextrous
Color Black
Sling Not included, can be purchased separately

You will never win cash for precision competition shooting using the Ruger Targis. It is a low cost, entry level, high velocity, well made air rifle suitable for taking small game, riding your barn yard of rodents and for fun target shooting.
It’s main limitation is the 30+ lbs. required for cocking.
At 25 yards my shot pattern is about the size of a nickle. It does ‘through’ a wild pellet a inch or so off target from time to time but I suspect that is more a pellet or shooter problem than a rifle problem.

Pellets, you can spend a little or a lot. Choosing your pellet type and brand has a lot to do with what is the main thing you will be using your rifle for. Hunting or target shooting and at what range(s).

Target shooting is often fixed at no more that 20 yards and sometimes much less if you are using your basement or backyard for your gun range. Light weight pellets will achieve your highest muzzle velocity and are fine for punching holes in paper targets.

Hunting small game and rodent control in my opinion is better accomplished using heaver weight pellets in the 7 – 8 grain weight class. Heaver is not always better. In my opinion pellets exceeding 10.5 grain are better used in high power PCP(Pre-Charged Pneumatic) type pellet rifles.
I have found the Crosman premier 7.9 grain pellet works well in my Targis. The plus side is they are one of the lest expensive pellets to buy. I bought 2 – 500 pellet cans at Walmart for $6.95 a can making my cost less than 1 1/2 cents a shot.

It should be noted that all rifles ‘Do Not’ handle pellets the same. Some rifles hate some brands / styles / weight pellets and will not hold a good shot pattern. Only through experimentation will you discover the pellet your rifle likes best.

While I’m on pellets. Please don’t whine if you find a few pellets with bent skirts or a pellet fits tighter or looser in your rifle chamber. You and your rifle are not well paid, well trained professional snipers. It’s a ‘hobby’ rifle and should be seen and treated as such.
The most important thing is to Have Fun, Enjoy your new air rifle.
Grin … It is unlikely you will miss a meal if you don’t bring home a rabbit.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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4 responses to “Ruger Targis .177 Caliber Air Rifle Review

  1. Charles McMurrough

    I need the Manual for my .177 caliber Ruger Targis. Anybody have a suggestion?

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  2. Grin … We have too many cat eating dogs around here for a cat to take up residence.
    This is just not very good country for snakes.
    I do see a bull snake from time to time and they are welcome until they start eating eggs, then I try to catch them and relocate to my neighbors hay barn.

    Happy gardening


  3. I suspect that the rats consider your shooting at them “competitive”. Currently, my 4-cat rugby team is keeping the rat/mouse/chipmunk competition out of the goal. And, just yesterday I greeted a nice, young rat snake in the driveway. I gave it permission to consume as many of its namesakes as it wanted in my garden.

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