I am not Politically Correct.
I don’t care if I offend you and will not apologize for anything I say or do.

*There is no such thing as an undocumented immigrant. They are Illegal Aliens. That’s what they are called under US immigration laws, look it up in Title 8 of the United States Code.
All illegal aliens are criminals, by entering the us without proper documentation they are criminals violating United States immigration laws.
*Not all Muslims are terrorist, but, all Islamic terrorist are Muslim.

I am offended by:
* Criminal Illegal Aliens
* Atheist
* Racist
* Terrorist
* Socialist
Socialist are more dangerous to America than Islam terrorist
* Communist
* Hollywood elite telling me what and how I must speak and act
* BLM, Black Lives Matter terrorist
* Snowflakes, buttercups and politically correct left-wing gang
* Muslims that want to impose Islam laws upon me and my family
* University students that want to censor my speech, my ideas, my freedoms
* Religious fanatics, all religions have them
*I am offended when you answer you phone/text message when talking to me, get over yourself, the real truth is your just not that important
* Environmentalist that want to impose there ideas in such a manner that will effect my life style and living standard
* You can’t be both American and African/Mexican/German/Asian/Chinese American, Your one or the other, Choose wisely
* I am offended by spineless members of congress they are gutless cowards
Government intervention upon my life is not a viable answer.
Government, government bureaucrats are not the solution, Government and bureaucrats are the problem!