About Me

Grammar and spelling is not my best attributes.

I am not Politically Correct.
I say things that offend atheist and socialist things they hate to hear, things like Merry Christmas, God bless you, God bless America.
God belongs in every school every public building and every public office in America.

I don’t care if I offend you and will not apologize for anything I say or do.

*There is no such thing as an undocumented immigrant. They are Illegal Aliens. That’s what they are called under US immigration laws, look it up in Title 8 of the United States Code.
All illegal aliens are criminals, by entering the us without proper documentation they are criminals violating United States immigration laws.

*Not all Muslims are terrorist, but, all Islamic terrorist are Muslim.

I am offended by:
* Criminal Illegal Aliens
* Atheist that try to take god out of schools court houses and state and federal government buildings
* Racist
* Terrorist
* Socialist
Socialist are more dangerous to America than Islam terrorist
* Communist
* Hollywood elite telling me what and how I must speak and act
* BLM, Black Lives Matter terrorist
* Snowflakes, buttercups and politically correct left-wing gang
* Muslims that want to impose Islam laws upon me and my family
* University students that want to censor my speech, my ideas, my freedoms
* Religious fanatics, all religions have them
*I am offended when you answer you phone/text message when talking to me, get over yourself, the real truth is your just not that important
* Environmentalist that want to impose there ideas in such a manner that will adversely effect my life style and living standard
* You can’t be both American and African/Mexican/German/Asian/Chinese American, Your one or the other, Choose wisely
* I am offended by spineless members of congress they are gutless cowards
Government intervention upon my life is not a viable answer
Government, government bureaucrats are not the solution, Government and bureaucrats are the problem!