Sweet Corn And Black Eyed Peas

Sweet Corn on the cob with a big dab of ‘real’ butter, Black Eyed Peas cooked with a slice or 2 of course chopped bacon and corn bread. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

My first planting of sweet corn is about 3 or 4 inches tall. I got a poor germination rate from my first planting. It looks like I have about 25 or maybe 30 plants. Grin … that will be between 40 and 60 ears of corn. The problem is they will mostly all be ready for harvesting the same day. Look out deep freezer, here comes the corn.

Delaying sweet corn harvest by 1 or 2 days will effect the quality. The longer it sets unharvested, the more the sugars are lost and the corn will start becoming tough and starchy.
The same rule apples to cooking and eating sweet corn. Sweet corn to be at it’s best must be consumed the day of harvest or in a worst case the day after harvesting.

Today I made my second corn planting. I will make a third planting about the first day of May. Hopefully this will space out my corn harvest for at least 1 or maybe 1 1/2 months time.
With luck I will have 100 to 150 ears I can bag and put in my freezer. Having home grown corn on the cob at Thanksgiving is a real treat.

Black Eyed peas were planted today as well. I had enough seed to plant 6 rows about 10 feet long.
I like planting several short rows side by side. The plants seem to pollinate better and produce a heavier crop that way.

I planted cucumber seed in two of my large unused patio pots. This is a test run to see how well they produce compared to garden planted cucumbers.

I have a almost completed patio pot drip watering system on my front porch. I must finish that project to make caring for container grown vegetable plants easier and hopefully prevent dry stressing my plants during the dry hot days of summer.

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7 responses to “Sweet Corn And Black Eyed Peas

  1. My husband claims corn should be close enough in rows so the leaves can touch as germination is affected by spacing. I just put the seeds in the ground and decide when it is ripe enough to pick. Good advice as always. Thanks for the information.

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    • I agree with your mister, I most likely plant seeds to close together. Spacing seeds about 8 inches apart in the rows and then about 12 to 18 inches between rows. But it seems to work for me.
      Happy gardening

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  2. Mmm Mmm, that’s gonna be good when it all comes together. Peas, sweet corn and pork. Good stuff.

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    • We have a wildpig on feed that will be BBQ ready by the 4th of July.
      Should have a lot of garden fresh vegetables ready as well.
      Happy Gardening


  3. so busy and I have not even started yet… hopes are that we will get started next month… yea well better late then never

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grin … well I often jump the gun and that allows me to plant / replant some of my warm weather crops at least 1 time and if I get a really bad weather event I ‘get’ to replant a 2nd or 3rd time.

      Happy gardening


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