Growing Lemon Trees In Containers Or In Your Garden

lemon-tree Recently a blog visitor ask me about a growing Lemons and Oranges. Texas A&M Professor HOME FRUIT PRODUCTION-LEMONS Julian W. Sauls said “The primary use of lemon fruits is as a flavoring agent, their very high acidity is too much for most palates.
The trees are cold tender. True lemons, mostly come from California and Arizona, Valleyites also know ‘Ponderosa’ and ‘Meyer’ lemon. All three types are common in home plantings.

Lemons are well adapted to virtually any soil if the soil has good internal drainage. Growth on heavy clay soils is likely to be reduced and problematic.

True Lemons. There are two primary types of lemons: ‘Eureka’, which originated in California and Lisbon which originated in Australia. Fruit production on ‘Eureka’ occurs mostly in spring and summer, while that of ‘Lisbon’ is mostly in the summer and fall. ‘Lisbon’ fruit are seedier than ‘Eureka’ fruit.

A number of other varieties exist, most of which are selections from either ‘Eureka’ or ‘Lisbon’. For the most part, there is very little difference among the fruit of the different varieties. ‘Bearss’ and ‘Avon’ both originated in Florida and are similar to ‘Lisbon’. ‘Harvey’ originated in Florida and is similar to ‘Eureka’, as is ‘Villafranca’ which came from Sicily. ‘Perrine’ is actually a hybrid of lemon and lime.

Ponderosa Lemon. ‘Ponderosa’ is not a true lemon although its fruit are much like citrons and lemons. It originated as a chance seedling during the 1880’s. ‘Ponderosa’ trees are small and thorny; its fruit are very large and seedy, with yellow, thick, bumpy textured peel. ‘Ponderosa’ is more cold sensitive than true lemons.

Meyer Lemon. ‘Meyer’ lemon was introduced from China in 1908. While not a true lemon, its fruit are used as a lemon substitute despite being much less acid than true lemons. Its fruit, which are moderately seedy, the tree is spreading and relatively small, nearly thornless and more cold tolerant than true lemons.

Pobept said “When life gives your Lemons, drink Tequila! Grin … or bake a Lemon Pie.

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8 responses to “Growing Lemon Trees In Containers Or In Your Garden

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  2. I have a Meyer lemon tree and honestly didn’t know they weren’t true lemons! They are so yummy, I would’ve never guessed. Thanks for the info:-)


  3. sedrate organizes

    I learn so much when I come here.


    • Re sedrate organizes – Thanks for dropping by for a visit and for your comment(s).
      I hope you found something that you fins useful
      Happy summer gardening


  4. I have often thought of growing a lemon or lime tree in my grow room. I may give it a try at some point. can you plant the trees from seeds or do you have to graft them to an existing lemon tree in order to get good fruit? Like you would do with apple trees.


    • Re yourperfectburn – Planting any Lemon seed will produce a Lemon tree. However Texas A&M said “Seed can be used, but seedlings are slow to bear – up to 10 years may be required . Also some of the seedlings may not come true-to-type.
      Growing Lemons is not a spectator sport.

      Happy gardening


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