In the summertime…

Today many towns in southwest Oklahoma will have their first 100+F (38C) degree day. West of my tiny garden about 30 miles it has reached 106%F (41.11C) today.
With official start of summer still 40 days from now I am hoping this will not be the beginning of another drought year.

On a lighter note I will reach my 73rd year on planet earth on Wednesday, May 6. Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Carefree 2020 Gardening Season

16 responses to “In the summertime…

  1. Happy Birthday!


  2. I hope the weather doesn’t turn out to be a drought can’t be doing with too many of those.

    And I can only wish you many happy returns for your 73rd year on Wednesday Best wishes and hope you have a fun day and lots of people around you in as much as, climate allows us to do that. Be safe also be happy.


  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow


  4. Happy birthday! Hope a little rain comes your way to cool things down and give the plants a break.

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  5. ephesians413

    Happy birthday tomorrow! In the meantime, in the Northeast, we have not yet put away our longjohns! The weekend was beautiful and in the 70’s but at the end of this week, our weather will be coming down from the Arctic! Yikes. I do prefer cooler weather though to temperatures in the 100’s. God help you guys.

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  6. Happy Birthday one more time. It wouldn’t let me post it a minute ago!

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  7. 1947 was a great year. You’re only a couple of months older than I am. Happy birthday!

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  8. Happy birthday 🥳

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  9. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!! and many more! and: it’s hot like that here too, not a happifyin’ thought at all. Ah well……

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  10. Happy 73! Hubby’s birthday is on the 11th. Yes it’s beginning to get hot in Oklahoma. We’ve had a lot of rain and I actually had wished it would slow down so I could get my garden planted. Be careful what you wish for! In August I may be praying for that rain.

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  11. Happy birthday! I too am a May baby with the 6-0 coming on the 19th.

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  12. Happy Birthday for the 6th 🙂 Sounds like you are in for a scorcher of a season if the weather continues.

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