Vegetable and Herb Seed Germination Chart

Temperature, it’s all about the soil temperature.
Soil temperature is almost never to warm, however, soils that are to cool and damp at worst can cause your seed to rot in the ground and at best take many days to germinate. Seedling in cool soil grow slowly and often do not develop into healthy productive plants.

vegetable seed germination chart

herb seed germination chart

6 responses to “Vegetable and Herb Seed Germination Chart

  1. Thank you for this; I just have to remember that Cilantro is Coriander and Arugala is Rocket.

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  2. You are welcome and I hope you find it useful.
    Happy Gardening

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  3. just a side note so glad we did not lose you your blog to WordPress updates I have been up set with the fact that when they updated my Kindle version I lost my reader that I enjoyed so much… so now that you have brought up the guys who can fit is I will try soon to get it back !

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  4. Reblogged this on The Making of a Home and commented:
    I was just talking about this on Facebook @ Hollyberry Herb Farm. This is a great chart, Thank you Town and Country Gardening.

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