Ruff Night Out

After Saturdays storms the sun is shinning, winds are dead clam and my rain gauge showed 0.75(19mm)inches of rain from last nights storms.

Storms started building out in west Texas about 3pm and by 5pm were intensifying and crossing the red river into southwest Oklahoma.

A strong line of storms moved across SW OK. spawning many EF0 – EF3 tornado’s. We lucked out no one was killed however there was a lot of homes, barns and farm equipment damaged.

If my weather guys knows what they are talking about. We will have 3 days of sun and will dry out a bit before more storms arrive Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Grin … still to wet to plant corn, squash, cucumbers and okra. That’s a good thing. I have a long growing season, so I can still wait until late June to plant and still make a good crop.
I hope this is the signal that our 5 year drought has come to an end.

Before you plant garden seed or transplant your seedlings. Consider segregating your garden plants by water and fertilized needs. For those of you that grow in raised beds this is an easy project.

Corn, leaf crops like lettuce, chard and many of the Chinese type cabbages are heavy feeders of nitrogen and benefit from a constantly damp, not wet, soil. Something like NPK 10-5-5.

Fruiting plants like tomato’s, squash, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts like a damp, not wet soil. Use a NPK fertilized like 5-10-5.

Herbs many of which originated in southern Europe do best if grown in less than fertile soil. Many like to be well(deep) watered and then allow the soil to become very dry before watering again. In many areas supplemental water will not be needed.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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3 responses to “Ruff Night Out

  1. Hopefully those storms are settling down now!!! Hoping all is well

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    • Thanks.

      This year is not all that more active than most spring time thunder storms that we see in this part of southwest Oklahoma and northwest Texas.
      I got about 3 inches last night and numerous tornado’s were reported by storm spotters. 3 or 4 towns were hit and the last count I had 5 were killed.
      Happy safe spring gardening


  2. I hope those rains come!


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