Grasshoppers Are Hatching

Grasshoppers! It is obvious the person that named them ‘Grasshoppers’ didn’t have a Tiny Garden! They will attack anything that is green except the grass. It seems that they have a preference for squash, cucumbers, corn and tomato’s.

A Google Search tells me that this hoard of garden eating pest are heat loving and seem to hatch best under hot and dry weather conditions June thru August. Wanting to know more about the critters that I want to conduct chemical warfare upon I consulted wikipedia and to my surprise, it said there are over 8000 species of grasshoppers!
That means that I must take a shotgun approach and kill every insect both good and bad, in sight or try to wait out their life cycle.

North Dakota State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture said grasshoppers live from hatching ‘nymph’ stage to the adults dieing from 60 to 90 days! I had no idea that this garden pest lived so long.

Insecticidal Control After a bit of research on chemical control of grasshoppers, I think I will wait them out until they die a natural death. I would rather have a hoard of grasshoppers than to spray any of the chemicals listed as effective grasshopper control on my garden.

I think the best thing I can do is catch a bucket full of grasshoppers and go fishing. Three old dogs, three great grand son’s. A bucket of grasshoppers for bait and a six pack of cold adult beverages, what else could an old guy want?

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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12 responses to “Grasshoppers Are Hatching

  1. Would something like diatomaceous earth work (the food grade kind)?


    • Grin … their are many organic and chemical treatments that will kill grasshoppers. However the real problem is grasshoppers are not restricted to a small area. They continuously feed and move. Often moving hundreds of feet a day. When you get a serious hatch off, you simply can’t kill them as fast as they move in.

      Happy gardening

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  2. There must be some hungry birds you could import that only eat grasshoppers.

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  3. Haven’t arrived at our place just yet, but they will shortly. Last year the chickens cleaned most of them up and we hope they do it again. Grasshoppers usually destroy our green beans and who wants to eat green beans with grasshopper bites on them?

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  4. our pear tree lost all of it’s leaves last year to these critters. right now we have lots of pears on our pear tree and need to find some way to keep them off. eat them? chickens? flyswatters? 🙂

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  5. Sounds like a job for guinea hens!

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  6. best of luck with those hoppers… we rarely see them here but as a child I hated even walking in the yard in Colorado as they jumped all over us… yucky little bugs… and glad you found a nice use for them!

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    • The experts tell me that places that do not become very hot and dry in June – August don’t get the numbers of grasshoppers that we sometimes do.

      Happy Gardening


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