International Nude Gardening Day – An Event To Celebrate Gardening And Good Health

Nude (Naked) Gardening Day is 14 years old.
Happy birthday to all those brave soles that go nude in their gardens around the world on Nude Gardening Day, Saturday May 4, 2019.

Caution: Nude gardening is addictive and may be transmitted to other family members and close friends.

Status Active since 2005
Genre Annual naturism/nudism, gardening, guerilla gardening, permaculture event
Date(s) First Saturday of May
Frequency Annually, first Saturday of May
Location(s) International
Inaugurated Saturday, September 10, 2005
Most recent Saturday, May 5, 2018
* Next event Saturday, May 4, 2019

Be brave, just do it.

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?

17 responses to “International Nude Gardening Day – An Event To Celebrate Gardening And Good Health

  1. This is a great post on a great pastime. I was out in my garden naked in March here in Seattle, where we had an unseasonably warm month. I was out again on May 4th for the Official day too, and many days before and since then. You feel so connected with your garden and you just merge with all of Nature. There are no barriers between you and the natural world when you’re naked. Its wonderful! I did a post on it myself too, but I can’t seem to get a live link on here. So if you click on my gravatar and go to my profile you can select the Gardening in Greenwood site and you’ll go there and can click on World Naked Gardening Day! and you’ll get the post. Sorry for the hassle but it’s worth it for the long post I did, with photos!! ;=) Thanks again for visiting my site, and for this post! Happy Naked Gardening! Steve


  2. I don’t even garden in shorts, let alone the buff. To many bugs, spiders, etc. to chew on exposed flesh. If not that, dirt, rocks, things with thorns, etc. We came across a corn snake today. First confirmation that we have them up here (we are on the edge of their range, which usually is lower elevation in Virginia). I would rather than them eating large insects and small rodents, than copperheads, which folks a few mountains passes away say they find frequently in their yards. I bet you have some good sized snakes out your way. – Oscar

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    • It must be at least 10 years that I haven’t seen a Rattlesnake in my area but Copperheads are another thing. Every year I kill 8 or 10 Copperheads, usually in are near my chicken coop. They don’t bother full grown chickens but will take a few eggs, chicks or ducklings if given a chance to do so.

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  3. I’m having heart surgery this week. (Thursday), they have a little garden at the hospital to walk in (I live in Wales but my operation is in England), however, I don’t think the other patients and visitors nor the staff would appreciate me having a dig around for weeds with nothing on! If by some chance I am home by the first Saturday in May then it’s probably not a good idea to garden in the nude with a fresh scar, it might scar the neighbourhood!

    Happy Gardening. Xx

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  4. Nude in the BACK garden I may do, with the addition of my work boots!!


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  5. What a great idea- here, of course, your sun roasted body would be eaten in short order by every biting bug in the universe!

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  6. Ha ha. Too darn cold here to do that!

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  7. At my age gardening nude would likely traumatize children. The closest I come is a sundress. Besides, we still have some melting snow up here and no one is gardening yet beyond starting some indoor seedlings under lights. Obviously whoever started this one was not a Canadian.

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    • Grin … your right this was very likely started by someone living in south Florida.
      Even in my area zone 7 early May is often tool cool to be in the garden ‘nude’.
      Happy Gardening

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  8. I’ll past on that …. older and nude don’t go good together ,the mirrors say enough when it’s shower time,besides sun burns 🥵

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  9. Swimming in the nude, great, but gardening – the state of my hands and arms after venturing into the depths of my little plot would suggest it’s not a good idea!

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