Christmas Tumbleweed Or Maybe A Christmas Cactus?

xmas card How Odd, It’s only 12 days before the Official start of Winter. In southwest Oklahoma it is dry, lots of sun shine and the temperature is a pleasant 62 degrees.
The northwest U.S. is being pounded by rain storms. Things are getting water logged even by Washington standards. The northeast is being hammered by yet another cold snow and freezing rain storm.

Grinning… It’s official now. Congress said California in suffering a drought. Speaker John Boehner, said the House has just passed an emergency California drought relief bill.
I guess Boehner’s aid’s and staff failed to tell the senator that most it not all of the southwest and western states are suffering Severe, Extreme or Exceptional Drought Conditions.

🙂 With all these warm day’s and night’s I feel like I should be in my garden plot planting early spring crops like cabbage, Brussels sprouts and such.
I will take advantage of the warm, low wind days and plow my garden plot, tilling in a bit more composted hay and cow/horse/donkey dung. I am amazed that it’s the second week of December and at the 4 inch depth my soil temperature is measuring 59 to 60 degrees.

Michelle L. was good to her old daddy. Yesterday she brought me 2 – 60 ounce (almost 1/2 gallon jars) of pickled Okra. They are some brand I never heard of, from Mexico, but the Okra taste really good. I buy a lot of pickled hot peppers from Mexico. You know the ones I’m talking about, the peppers pickled, packed in tin cans, with onions and carrots. I have never been disappointed with their flavor or quality.

Michelle L. and clan, have erected their ‘huge’ 10 or 12 foot tall plastic Christmas tree. It’s been decorated and lights blinking.
As for me and de-dogs, we will find and paint sliver, a small tumble weed to use as out Xmas tree. Don’t laugh, sometime we must make do with what we have! Hehehe, no money spent on buying a tree, Grin … one tree saved from the chainsaw and I won’t have a tree disposal problem either.
Dogs are getting hard rubbed chew toys and I think Santa will bring me a big pecan pie this year.

Merry Christmas

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11 responses to “Christmas Tumbleweed Or Maybe A Christmas Cactus?

  1. Tumbleweed in lieu of a Christmas tree…sounds exciting, although you probably can’t string lights around it, I bet they would look super decorated and try hanging a few of them with fishing wire from up high. Happy decorating! I’m using peppercorns throughout my nest instead of mistletoe.


  2. I really like the tumble weed idea… much more then the palm tree.. but I am from the west and I wonder how my grandfather ever got a pine tree … they lived in the pan handle of Texas during the dust bowl. I am guessing they had no tree at all.

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    • Grin .. I came from the panhandle of Texas, near Lubbock. I have seen those of my great grand parents and grand parents generation use a lot of different and sometimes rather odd things for a Xmas tree. Tumble weeds, cotton plants, wheat-maze and corn shocks decorated with what they had on hand. Things like popcorn strung on a piece of sewing thread. You simply made do with what you had access to.
      Merry Christmas

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  3. Not sure why the weather reporters insist on putting a date on the first day of winter. There IS no first day of winter. It is winter here already. The snow and below zero temps (C) tells me so! I LOVE the idea of a tumbleweed tree. Sounds neat.

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    • Grin .. I don’t know who decided we would divide a year into 4 seasons and those season would start on the spring equinox, summer solstice(longest hours of daylight), fall equinox and winter solstice(least hours of daylight).
      My great grand parents marked the seasons, March 1 as spring, June 1 as summer, September 1 as fall and December 1 as winter.
      Happy holidays.


  4. Please post a picture of your tumbleweed “tree”. I would love to see it. I have made a wreath of Cabbage Palm for my door.


  5. I just harvested the last of my brussel sprouts and purple cabbage yesterday. Even with all of the snow we had in Buffalo, NY, we did not have freezing cold temperatures over a long period so the cold weather veggies held/did well.

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  6. I approve of the possibilities of your version of Christmas tree. We use our weeping fig tree every year – have done for about 20 years – and it looks nice, doesn’t kill a tree, and doesn’t drop needles and become a fire hazard.

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  7. Gosh, that is mild. Here, in summer, the next two days forecast is more rain and showers with overnight lows of 51F and highs of 60F.


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