Lost In Cyberspace Or Maybe The Space Between My Ears

Lost and sometimes found blog. It seems that every year from the week before Thanksgiving until the week after new Years I’m up to my knees in Parana’s. Places to go, people to see and an untold number of things needing to be done.
It’s still 120 days(4 months) until it will be garden planting time, but, I don’t know if I can wait that long to plant ‘something’!!

It’s only 3 more weeks until Christmas and I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving Day.
I think that we should pass a law that clearly states anyone 65 or older need not smile, say Merry Christmas or put money in those red kettles that seem to be blocking ever business entry door.

I am amazed, shocked and so happy.
The truth of the matter is we had more cows, horses and donkey than we have pasture grass. Hence we are having to buy way to much hay to feed our livestock this winter and spring.
Last week I ran an advertisement listing one – 3 year old longhorn cow (a proven breeder) and one – 14 month old (breeding age) longhorn heifer.

I ran them (cow & heifer) across the scales and the 2 of them together weighed 1620 pounds. Last week at the Apache livestock auction longhorn cows and heifers sold for $2.10 to $2.45 a pound. I sold my two longhorns for $3,400.00. That’s totally unbelievable. $2.10 a pound, (live weight) for a longhorn cow and heifer.

After selling a cow and heifer we still have a yearling heifer and two older longhorn steers to send to the butcher as needed.

My 2 laying hens aren’t. I think they have gone out on strike. Smile or they are still in molt and will soon start laying again.

My-Dogs I had a serious accident back in June this year. I screwed-up badly, I didn’t get my kennel gate latched properly and my female border collie looking dog found my eager to please blue heeler and something mix male. Sooooo… I now have 5 Christmas puppy’s to get rid of. I think I will put them on Craigslist as ‘Free’ Christmas puppy’s. At any rate I can’t keep any of them, I have 3 dogs as it is!!! Two more than I really need. Just soft headed I guess.


22 responses to “Lost In Cyberspace Or Maybe The Space Between My Ears

  1. Grandpa butchered a steer, and gave us enough meat to get into Spring. We feel like kings – a lot of steak! We found out the shank is one of the better cuts – we made this stuff called “oso buco”, kind of a stew, incredible.

    I asked him for the tongue and got it – now I realize, I haven’t had tongue since childhood, and I can’t remember how exactly my grandma cooked it. I think she put it on a rack in a pan of water, and kind of steam/boiled it until the skin was loose – I don’t know how long that was. I do know, we hung around like dogs waiting for the tip, she would slice that off and cut it up in little bites, Grandpa first, then the rest of us.

    Speaking of dogs, the Aussies, some people call them cattle dogs, are the best – we lost old Max last spring – he was an Aussie/Lab cross, and a wonderful member of the family. He was an excellent hunting dog, loved to go pheasant hunting with my husband and son. On an unseasonably hot day last February, “chasing chickens” with the boy, he got a heat stroke. They couldn’t get him back to the vet fast enough. My 19 year old cried like a child, I thought we would never get over it, especially his mate, Biscuit.

    But of course we got a new dog, a small male Aussie, bred on a cattle ranch like Max and Biscuit. “Badges” is what we call him, he is a “gate dog” – you can’t get through a gate around here without showing him your credentials!

    Have a Very Barky Christmas, and a Yappy New Year!

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    • Thanks for dropping by for a visit and for leaving us your comment.
      I enjoyed your little story.
      Mmmm cow tongue, I to always save the tongue but…. It is boiled until sort-a tender, cooled, sliced into chunks and is added to my dogs dry dog food.
      Happy holidays


  2. When it rains it pours!! Hang in there..the only way is up right 🙂

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    • Thanks. Grin .. I just get wore down now day much more easily than when I was 25.
      FYI the weather is screwing me up as well. A couple of weeks ago I got almost 4 inches of rain. Our temperatures have been above normal. Now I have garlic that is near 3 inches tall. I’ll bet that when we do get our normal winter weather the cold blast kills my garlic crop.

      Merry Christmas

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  3. those pups should make some one a wonderful farm dog… I once owned an Australian Sheppard, blue healer mix one heck of a dog and soooo smart. Hope you are able to find good homes for them,.. I would take one if we lived closer… but 1500 miles might be to far for a free pup.

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    • LOL, maybe we can meet 1/2 way, have a cup of coco before returning home…
      Merry Christmas

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    • I don’t know why, but, I could not leave a comment on your blog.
      Big Smile … Great job on your horses) painting.
      last year my then 5 year old (6 this coming March) great grand son, discovered horses.. Soooo I solved my birthday present problem by finding an old worn out 20 year old trail horse. (No longer fit for the trail) but people and Kid friendly. Horse and his tack, cheap saddle with blanket, bit and bridle and a good lead rope set me back $350.00 Best investment I have ever made in a child’s birthday gift.Great grand son (GGS) must water and feed every day as well as bath and brush when needed.

      Hehehe, happy birthday’s and have a Merry Christmas season.


      • thanks for the heads up on the comment problem. I may have been trying to fix yet another spelling error when you were trying to comment. We love old horses also and have owned my fair share. My favorite of all horses was a old red roan brood mare named Anita… she would ride some but was so gentle and great with our older son when he went off to horse camp.. loved her and hated it when my husband sold her to a family with even younger kids, my son moved on to a cutting mare. I just hope my son has fun with a horse silly little girl.


  4. Puppies! Woo hoo! Hope they find their way to good homes. Before they’re old enough to get into everything, that is:)
    Man, I don’t know what the weather is like there, but it’s been downright warm here. I kinda wanna start planting things too! I thought it was supposed to be cold and wet this year, but so far it’s been the opposite. All the ponds are low and it’s t-shirt weather.

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    • We are still way short on rain, but we have had more rain this year than in the past 4 years. I’m hoping this is a sign that our drought is on it’s was out.
      Yes here to, much warmer than it should be this time if the year. It seems that the jet stream is keeping most of our cold weather well north of us.
      Happy Holidays


  5. Those puppies are adorable! Merry Christmas early!

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  6. Great post. Hope you can find homes for those puppies.

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  7. Congratulations are in order for the price on the cows! And good luck with the free puppies – I’m sure they will make a fantastic Christmas gift 🙂

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    • Thanks… Grin, cow money has been saved for buying more winter hay and I’m sure some will be spent on gifts for my 3 great grand sons and I’ll bet my great grand daughter will get her share as well.
      Happy holidays


  8. Congrats on the sale of your cows and doubly congratulations on your puppies! I would definately take one if I live near you. My healer is the best dog I ever had, and I adore collies. What a beautiful combination. Someone is going to be really happy with them for sure! 🙂

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  9. Sometimes in our most challenging times we find our greatest strengths and creativity…courage!

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