Dangerous Christmas Gifts

Yes I know that Thanksgiving is still 2 days away. However, many parents and grand parents are in Christmas Shopping Mode.

Think about child safety before buying that cute, neat toy, crib or baby clothing item.

The Illinois Attorney General has posted a Very Useful list of dangerous and Recalled Toys, Cribs and Clothing that you should avoid buying this Christmas season.

Dangerous and Recalled Toys, Cribs and Clothing

Not from the U.S.A. Leave a comment telling me about your home town and country

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Dangerous Christmas Gifts

  1. I concur think before you buy anything. Happy smart shopping!


  2. An erector set may just what an inventor needs.
    Happy Holidays


  3. I too have started thinking about Christmas for my Grandchildren. Have come to the conclusion that the safest gift for a teen is MONEY! That takes care of the two oldest. (13, 17) The littlest grandson (5) is my BIGGEST problem, he has an imagination that is beyond that of a 5yr. old! He has a room full of toys, yet prefers playing in the garage where all the “junk” is stored, where he digs through it until he finds enough to invent “something”.

    His most recent invention was a time machine and trash compactor! My daughter has to take the trash out while he’s sleeping or else he stops her to make sure she isn’t throwing away something useful! His pockets are always full of “cool things he can use for his inventions” .

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