Spring Flower Gardens – Plan Now!

Spring flowering bulbs, need to ordered soon, spring flower beds will need to be dug and amended with compost and fertilizer. It won’t be all that long until we are nearing the optimum planting time in northern cool/cold weather states.

Flowering bulb Planting Chart

Garlic while not a flowering spring bulb, needs to be planted about the same time you plant your spring flowering bulbs. Plant individual cloves 4 to 6 inches deep and 6 to 8 inches apart.

Bulb beds ‘Must’ be well drained. Bulbs like damp not wet soil. Bulbs exposed to prolonged periods of cool wet soil will soon rot in the ground resulting in a waste of both time and money and a failed spring flower garden.

For a longer blooming season, mix your garden with early, middle and late season blooming bulbs. Tulips and other bulbs have very well defined bloom times. A bit of research and planning can keep color in your garden for many weeks. Whether you purchase your bulbs locally or mail order them, keep your bulbs cool.
If you’ve purchased bulbs early, when you can get the best selections, store them in a cool, dark place. A basement or an unheated closet is good choice. Don’t store bulbs in plastic containers. You’ll shorten the life of your bulbs if they aren’t exposed to fresh air. Use brown paper bags or boxes. Handle your bulbs gently they are easily bruised and this may cause them to rot in the soil after planting.

Till your bulb bed soil deep as possible, 10 to 12 inches deep, amending your soil with peat moss or well decomposed compost.

Bulbs will grow better in well drained and aerated soil. Grouped, but random. Scatter bulbs randomly in groups of 6 to 18 for the best combination of color and natural appearance. Be sure to maintain the minimum spacing specified on the packaging your bulbs came in.

Proper planting is important. Dig your planting holes, see planting chart for recommended planting depth. When you place your bulb in its hole, remember roots {large} end down, pointy side up. Don’t allow your bulbs to lay on their sides when covering them with soil.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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8 responses to “Spring Flower Gardens – Plan Now!

  1. As soon as I clicked Post Comment, I looked at the top of the blog and that corn header was gone. What happened?

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    • I must assume that you are referring to the picture I use as my header on this blog. Grin… you have never noticed that I have about 5 different header pictures that are randomly displayed as my blog header picture.
      It’s still there, don’t know when you will see that picture again.

      Happy gardening

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      • I saw afterwards that it changes automatically. I have noticed different headers on your blog but I thought you changed them once in a while. I didn’t realize that they change at random.


  2. By the way, I love the photo in your header, with all the different kinds of corn.

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  3. I think our bulbs (Pacific Northwest) will go in a bit later than yours, but it’s shocking to think that it’s nearly that time again! Where did the summer go?

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    • As a general rule, spring flowering bulbs need to be planted not later than about the first week of November. Depending on the climate zone you live in.

      The north central and north east USA will soon (some as early as September) be seeing the arrival of cool fall weather.
      Smile .. it’s hard to plant Tulips when the ground is froze solid as a rock..

      Happy gardening

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  4. Thanks for the reminder – I’ve got daffodil bulbs to go in and have just thought of a good place for them.

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