Trellis For Your Summer Garden

When it’s (-36F) 36 degrees below zero(0) in the Midwest, Northeast U.S.A. It’s hard to think about building and installing a bean, cucumber, squash, gourd or pea trellis in your 2014 garden.

purple-trellis Manufactured and sold By TerraTrellis – Width 36.0″ – Height 36.0″ Designer – Jennifer Asher -List price $289.00

DIY out of wood for less than $10.00 or $15.00. Scale it to any size you need. Use 2X2 wood for your trellis frame. Use a hand saw to make 1/2 lap corner joints, glue, use screws or small bolts to secure lap joints. Use screw in eye-hooks – Lowes has Stanley National 10-Pack Screw Eye Hooks for $1.29. Tie string or wire between eye-hooks. Paint color of your choice.
lap-joint Click picture to view A lap joint that is easy to make using a power or hand saw.

10 line panel trellis 16 foot long by 52 inch wide livestock panel. Stake one side, pull bottom of panel closer together until your trellis is as wide and it’s arch is as tall as you like, secure panel in place with ground stakes or 4 short T-post.
This works very well for vine growing vegetables like cucumbers and squash. It allows you easy access to fruits from both the outside and inside your panel arch.

Garden trellis made from fence post or T-post with common fence wire attached to you post. Size it as long or short as needed to fit your garden. Plant cucumbers, squash, pumpkins or gourds close to your trellis allowing them to climb the fence wire. Easy access to fruits from both sides of your fence trellis.

Easy to build free standing A-Frame trellis. Size to fit your garden and number vine plants in your garden. Construct using 2×2 and 1×2 lumber, lace with string or wire for plants to climb on. A-Frame-Trellis

Hint Don’t skimp. Give your wood built trellis a good paint job. This will make them last many years, protecting your trellis from rot and insect damage.

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8 responses to “Trellis For Your Summer Garden

  1. I think I will use this in combination with an already existing fence I have. It will double the space I have for my cucumbers. great post.


  2. Maybe the paint job is worth the other $279? Radiant Orchid is the Color of the Year, after all. Here’s another way we’ve trellised (Hope the photo copies in.)
    Hmmm… beyond my technical expertise, so the verbal description: Get two 2x2s, a pack of screw eyes, and some nylon seine twine. attach the screw eyes to the 2x2s about 1 foot apart. Mount one 2×2, screw eyes pointing down, to the bottom of your house eave (this assumes you live in a ranch house with a south facing eave) lay the other 2×2, screw eye side up on the ground and thread the twine between them, in a series of Vs. Tie off one end and pull the other until the bottom 2×2 is a couple of inches off the ground. Drive tent stakes on either side of the bottom board to keep it from blowing around in the wind. Voila! Trellis.
    Send me your email addy and I’ll get a pic to you. Much easier to understand when seen.


  3. Thanks for your helpful tips once again! I have often looked at the trellises in expensive garden catalogs and thought, I could build that! Maybe this year I will.


  4. They all look good but the one that is easiest (for me) is the fence (the one with the cucumbers on it). It works for a lot of things.


    • I have used field fencing(hog fence) chain-link fence in permanent locations, but I like using a 16 foot livestock panel and two T-Post for easy to setup in the spring and remove in the fall best.
      Happy spring gardening


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