Dark And Scary Places

Levi JeansBeing some what of a pack rat, living by Grandpa’s rule ‘waste not want not’ today even I was surprised at what I found in a dark corner of my closet.

Hanging neatly in a corner of my closet I found 21 pair of Wrangler and Levi denim jeans. It was obvious that it had been a long time sense they had seen the light of day. As I removed them from their hangers, laying them on the foot of my bed, I could not help but wonder why I had bought new jeans when I had so many hanging in my closet!

I started sorting them by condition then opening the fly checking their size. To my great surprise, I found most of them to be 31 and 32 inch waste by 36 length. This discovery was amazing as well as shocking. I could not remember a time that I had a 32 inch waste as I now fit snugly into 36 inch Jeans!

Now that I no longer feel happy about my wardrobe, I have ‘jammed’ all of the jeans into large plastic bags and will drop them off at my local good will store for a needy slimmer person.

While I’m out maybe I will get myself nice 3 scoop ice cream cone to cheer me up.
I really wish I had never looked into that Dark Scary Corner of my closet!

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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11 responses to “Dark And Scary Places

  1. Kudos to you for the courage to look into that dark corner of your closet–hope you are feeling lighter with less clutter. Happy organizing!


  2. Practicality is a marvelous thing. My daughter considers me to be a hoarder. As she cleaned my kitchen drawers to get rid of “all the excess” she suddenly cried out (with all the indignant justification she could muster) ” ‘groan’- – 4 potato mashers – – M-uh-uh-ther – – really – – 4?! You can only use 1 at a time!!” – – to which I replied, “but I have 4 granddaughters who all like to mash potatoes for dinner, avocados for guacamole, or bananas for banana bread – – all at the same time – – and, yes, there are plenty of leftovers, but, best of all, plenty of proud ‘I did it’ smiles!


    • It must be a Mars(man) Venus(woman) thing.
      I have 4 can openers. 3 hand operated ones stored in my junk drawer and 1 electric operated can opener on the kitchen cabinet.

      Happy gardening


  3. How scary! the waist size, I mean. I got rid of 20 pairs once with the same issue. This is off the subject – have you ever heard of Horticultural Molasses?


  4. Ahh.. the Goodwill, my closet would be bare without it! Nothing like buying a brand new (tag still on) pair of jeans on .99 day and the tag says they were originally $79! If your inseam is 36 and waist is 36 I would say you’re normal for your height. Go ahead and have that 3 scoop ice cream cone.. of course if you feel too guilty I’ll take the 3rd scoop.. if its chocolate! 😉


  5. How odd. I can’t imagine finding that many jeans in my wardrobe. Ever. I can’t think how big that closet is. And forgetting you owned them…..


    • Big smile … when I was driving a truck hauling cotton, I was away from home 25 – 30 days at a time. I had at one time 35 pair so I needed a laundry only once a month when I was home for a few days.
      Happy gardening


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