Chili Pepper The Spice Of Life – For Your Health

I always knew that anything that taste that good had to be good for you.

hot chili Spicy foods do more than add flavor to your favorite meal. Heat packing foods, particularly chili peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, and cayenne, offer a surprising range of health benefits.

Eating a hot, spicy dish can burn extra calories by temporarily boosting metabolism by as much as eight percent. When eating a spicy meal people are generally satisfied on smaller portions, so fewer calories are consumed.

Spicy foods improve heart function. Capsaicin that produces a heat sensation on the tongue has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol while increasing blood flow. Capsaicin increases nitric oxide in the blood stream, which in turn helps protect against inflammation and lower blood pressure. Of all spicy foods, cayenne pepper is believed to lower blood pressure the most quickly.

Did You Know?
Bananas are High magnesium food like banana, pumpkin seeds, and halibut can make you tired. This mineral is actually a muscle relaxant, so it’s great before bed but could affect your energy during the day.

Red Meat high fat content of red meat like steaks and hamburgers could leave you feeling drowsy. It takes a lot of energy to break these down, so all your body’s energy is going to be focused on that suggests opting for salmon instead. Something with omega-3’s should give you a pick me up since omega-3 fatty acids are known to help with brain function and focus.

Cherries and tart cherry juice work well as a natural sleep aid because they are high in melatonin. Cherries will actually help regulate sleep, so it’s great as an aid but may be poor as a midday snack. They’re still a great thing to munch on, especially if you’re trying to lose weight (the pits make you slow down while you’re eating). However, you might want to save cherries for a bedtime snack.

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11 responses to “Chili Pepper The Spice Of Life – For Your Health

  1. Wow! I always love the information you share!


  2. I grew some Thai chili peppers this year and man they will light you up!


  3. I always thought that a spice meal cured everything. How does sweet, or mild peppers work for health?


    • I think all peppers have the same basic chemical makeup, but, the hot peppers have a greater consecration per-pepper than the milder types.

      I hope you have a overflowing healthy for you pepper crop.


  4. Didn’t know about the stuff that makes you sleepy. No more bananas at work then!


  5. I love spicy foods, but they don’t love me!


    • Big Smile … Everything in moderation!
      There are a lot of new varieties that are really good flavored yet have little or no heat. Bell types come to mind for being no heat sweet type peppers, however, they have the wrong flavor for many chili pepper dishes.
      has a huge selection of sweet, mild and hot pepper seeds. The best thing about this site is it gives a short description on pepper flavor, how to grow them and how mild or hot each pepper type will be at maturity.
      Happy almost spice-less gardening


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