Egg Plants Another Failed Crop!


White Eggplant

I have read that eggplants are heat loving plants. With this in mind I waited until the 15 of June to plant.

I have been saving my best looking brown bantam eggs, I had 6 of them. I washed and followed all planting instructions. I selected a garden spot, I added a 4 inch layer of good compost, till this into my garden soil well.

I planted each egg 1 inch deep and water them well. It has been 17 days and still, not a single egg plant has come up!

Grinning, Maybe my eggs were to old! I think I will try again next year using white eggs.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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2 responses to “Egg Plants Another Failed Crop!

  1. I loved this post … gave me the greatest laugh of the day … I started reading it all serious thinking I was going to learn something about growing eggplants as my eggplant is not doing well … too cold I expect … and then I saw that it was the eggs that were the problem .. hmm .. I’ll have to have words with my girls about the quality of their eggs … grin … S.

    PS I planted some sage amongst my brassicas and I am not having any wher near the ‘pest’ problems tha i ususally have … so thanks for that hint …


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