Turkeys, Geese And Ducks With A Side Order Of Grashoopers

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I surrender! The grasshoppers win!

After fighting grasshoppers for more than a month, I give up. This morning I unleashed my secret insect control on my grasshopper hoard. The score so far is Grasshoppers 1 – Robert 0.

I turned 3 turkeys, 2 geese and 2 ducks into my Tiny Garden. I am sure that the birds can cause no more damage to my Tiny Garden than the grasshoppers and at least I will get a bit of free bird feed by letting them (the turkeys, geese and ducks) eat a little bit of green grass and grasshoppers.
hoard of grasshoppers
It’s been 2 hours now and I think {smiling} that there are so many grasshoppers, it scared my geese and ducks! They went back to the safety of their pen.. It’s only 10am and it’s already 95% and everything including me and 2 worthless dogs are seeking a shady spot to get out of the direct sun.

Side Note: At 3.30pm it was 109% wow, that’s not bad considering Phoenix AZ posted a new record of 118%.

Grinning, sad but true, my new puppy will soon be 8 months old and has never seen it rain! Exceptional drought, classified as condition D4, the worst such designation in the Drought Monitor’s intensity scale, increased in coverage from 10 percent of the state(Oklahoma) last week to 33 percent this week. During the month of June I had 20 days of 100+ degrees temperatures and hit 114 degrees on the 17th of June.

My weather guy said “Very little relief is in sight as the Oklahoma drought continues. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is calling for an increased chance of warmer and drier than normal conditions through July. U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook sees persistence or intensification of drought conditions through September.

iGarden website

Why is common sense So uncommon?
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6 responses to “Turkeys, Geese And Ducks With A Side Order Of Grashoopers

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  3. Hi Pobept,
    Thankfully, no grasshoppers in urban Abilene but plenty hot and dry. I am thankful to have a faithful (so far) well that has never run dry. If we have another 7-year drought that may change. As I have read your last several posts, I find myself wondering about a couple of things: (1) Where you get enough water to survive? (2) How do you keep current with all your blogs? I have several blogs and need to do a better job of regular posting.


    • Hello, thanks for your visit.
      Few places in this part of Oklahoma has much under ground water and the ones that do have wells often dry up in a prolonged dry spell. We pipe in our water from 3 local lakes, which struggle to handle the summer demands placed upon them to supply Lawton and many smaller towns in the area. Even under be best of conditions water is a resource that is not to be wasted. All things considered our cost for water is still a real bargain.

      Blogging: Smiling- I suggest you get a dog! I do much of my writing early in the morning. My son-n-law works nights at the local news paper and gets home about 3am. That is when my dogs wake me to let me know someone is here and want to go out to to dog things! A while back I had 4 blogs, I’m now down to two and still find it very demanding and time consuming trying to keep them sort-a up to date.

      Even for us this has been an unusually long dry spell and to top that off this last winter was very cold but still very dry. Spring and summer has only continued to be hot and dry. I think it will continue this way until we get one or even two big, strong hurricanes out of the gulf of Mexico combined with a south shift in our warm water Pacific ocean currents to bring in enough moist air to give some relief from this long running drought.

      Of course you well know, Abilene is not world famous for its swampy land scape. Grin

      I hope you get a slow soaking rain soon.


  4. Sorry you guys are going through this terrible drought while we have been too cold and rainy up here in SE Idaho. Crops are slow. Hope we get something besides peas before the early frost hits in September! Uh. Climate change.


    • Grinning, I whine a lot, it’s really just our normal drought that comes around about every 50 years. Our last one was in the late 1950’s. Our drought’s generally last 5 to 8 years.
      Weather change may have something to do with it, our weather has been warming for the past 10,000 years or so. If not most of north America would still be under many hundred feet of ice 🙂

      I hope you dry out a bit and warm up, I can’t live without my Idaho potato’s!

      Good luck


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