Tiny Garden Summer

2016 – About Normal Weather For My Tiny Garden

2016-08-02 03_49_13-Weather

2016-08-02 03_51_59-Weather


7 responses to “Tiny Garden Summer

  1. Ah. It looks like the normal for where WE are. Gruesome, basically. It’s been over 105 EVERY DAY. My brains are beyond mush but! A tomato is finally ripening in spite of everything……

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  2. creatingmyspaceblog

    We went through a hot spell here too. Were on water restrictions, the poor garden was not happy. I hope your garden is enjoying the sun.


  3. Oh I remember those summers. Enjoy, and hopefully the grasshoppers don’t thrive….

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  4. HOT and DRY! It’s getting to be like that up here on Vancouver Island too. Last night we had a few drops of precious rain. Just a few. First time in weeks.

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    • 😦 days or even weeks without rain is normal here, but, a week or two in your neck of the woods can be a serious problem.
      Hope it rains on your garden ‘Soon’.

      Happy gardening

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