Tiny Garden – Tiny House

Some time back I moved to my Tiny Farm with a Tiny Garden and a Tiny House. After a few medical problems, I decided that I need to be closer to my Daughters house so she can check on me most everyday.

My old house in Faxon, OK was about 1200 square feet and a lot larger than I needed or used. My Tiny House is only about 288 square feet and I still , most, of the time more space than I actually use. To keep things in perspective, I’m a single, retired older guy living with 3 dogs.

With that said, floor space comes as a premium and I have had to learn to think vertical. Using wall space more efficiently. This is still a learning experience and I continue from time to time add more new shelving where I need it the most.

Today I have installed a new spice shelve in my Tiny Kitchen. The Green and Red scrolled shelf brackets were hand made by me for my Tiny Kitchen.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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5 responses to “Tiny Garden – Tiny House

  1. We built a 450 sq ft little guest house on our property, mainly to have a place for my disabled mom while we were building our big house 3500 sq ft.
    The small place came in so handle when we had two floods on the property tputting both houses under seven feet of water and a forty mile an hour river.. We fixed the little house back up enough to live in while we repaired and lifted the big house.
    I’ve always had a special feeling for the little house. It was so cozy and my sis and mom and me became use to the small space. It was sunny, and required little cleaning (after cleaning flood mud and wall board for weeks) so when we moved back into the big house I missed the small one. It took two years to get the big house back in shape after it was lifted and don’t get me wrong–it was a miracle the house stayed put under seven feet of water moving at 40 mile an hour AND the builder had not anchored it to the foundation. Many houses along the river floated away that were anchored so I know God was watching out for us. Though the inside was destroyed, he allowed us to rebuild and now it is a comfortable home. BUT your one reader is correct. It is a lot more cleaning and maintenance. I sometimes go to the guest house to just sit and regain peace of mind.
    Are your beautiful little brackets forged or twisted metal banding?


    • Re: jsnapp62 – Thanks for finding time to visit my tyne blog and for your comment(s).
      I common mild steel but keep it light enough (1/8 thick by 1 inch wide or 1/4 inch round rod) that I can work it cold into the shape(s) that I need, Then I weld the parts together into shelf brackets or what ever else I may have a need for.


  2. Simple Farming

    There is an entire tiny house movement. You can read about creating storage for small spaces on rowdykittens.com


  3. When we moved to Brittany in France we downsized quite a bit. We bought a 2 down, 2 up house but soon found it a bit cramped. So we saved up and bought the ruin attached to our small cottage. You can see the result on my website http://www.livingfrenchiseasy.WordPress.com
    I, being a Texan by birth, I still like my bedroom downstairs, which turned out handy after I had cancer and recuperated at home. Now the upstairs bedroom and bath are for my daughter who lives and works in London and visits often.
    But Reg and I are happy with our smalish house as it requires not so much cleaning. We live with a big black Labrador and a little mixed breed dog we adore as well as 5 cats who are good mousers. I have enough garden to raise a few vegetables which helps these days. I trade with my English nrighbors who have chickens that supply me with fresh eggs.
    It is a good life!
    Anne Crowder


  4. I like the brackets. I also love small spaces. I always thought that I’d love a small house designed by a boat builder – built ins or everything and all space maximized.


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