DIY – Pot – Peat Pot Maker – Easy To Build And Use

I saw this article on making your own peat pots {see link below}. Wow, what a good idea. So, not really liking their design and me being a welder, I opted to build one for myself.

I went to my scrap steel pile and began removing bits and pieces of steel to construct my peat pot press. Total out of pocket cost was about one hour of my time. I found all the other bits and pieces I need in my scrap pile and bucket of salvage nuts and bolts.

Base is 3 X 3 X 14 gage square tube 12 inches long. Press leverage arm 18 inches of 3/16 X 1 1/4 flat stock. Round piece to press peat into my form is a 1 inch flat washer with a 1/2 long dimple maker welded in the center of the 1 inch washer. Press washer is attached to press arm with 2 pieces of 1/8 X 1 inch flat stock 5 1/2 inches long. Press lever hinge point is 2 pieces of 1/8 X 2 inch flat welded to the press base with a 5/16 X 1 inch long bolt used as a hinge points.


Another cute Gadget Paper seedling starter pot maker Really an neat little gadget. I’ll try to find out where this thing is made and can be purchased.Plunger 2 1/2 x 5

{Below}This is a simple peat pot maker constructed from wood.
The Garden Grapevine


This easily-made device makes a Pellet or Pot that is big enough to not need daily watering. Neither will the roots escape the Pots so quickly, which should make a hardier plant. Actual Pot size will be about 2-1/2″ on the top by about 2″ high.

tp card board centerBeing Frugal not a cheap skate, you can also save your toilet paper rolls and card board center from paper towels cut them about 2 or 2 1/2 inch length, fill with potting soil. Wow you have a ‘Frugal’ seed starter and the whole thing can be planted in your garden.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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3 responses to “DIY – Pot – Peat Pot Maker – Easy To Build And Use

  1. Both peat pots and toilet paper rolls wick water away from the roots. In controlled tests, plants grow much better in plastic pots or styrofoam coffee cups. Also, peat and paper pots restrict root growth. Yes, some roots can grow through, but not as many. Since they stay so very wet by stealing water from the roots, they attract fungus and mold.

    It is true that plants can grow in a peat pot- but not as much as in plastic. Used plastic pots are often free at nurseries, and styrofoam coffee cups are 50/$1.


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