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Corn-o-rama ?

Early planted corn ‘about 30 stalks’, is in full tassel stage and it looks like I may get as many as 60 ears of corn to harvest by the end of this week.

I have never planted this variety ‘Peaches & Cream’ sold by Ferry-Morse seed company. Seed package said ears will be 7 1/2 inches long. Well truth is I’m not convinced that my crop will ever be more than 6 or so inches long. My stunted corn crop problem was not caused by a lack of moisture or fertilized.

I will not plant this variety next year. First and second planting had at best only about 75 percent germination rate. The stalks are small and under size for their age. The ears are also small. Well filled out but small all the same.

Second planting of corn, same variety and supplier, had a poor germination out of about 35 seeds planted I have about 15 stalks that will enter tassel stage near the 30 of this month. Even with this poor stand, I may, with luck, harvest near 30 ears of corn.

These two plantings will give me and family a lot of smallish ears of fresh corn and a good number of ears to freeze for this winters table.

On the sunny side, I discovered a sunflower only about 2 feet tall but if has a flower at least 8 inches in diameter and an unusually light, bright yellow flower. Grin … no idea where it came from.

O-yes, my porch container planted tomato has started blooming. Loads of grape size tomato’s, mmmm, that’s yet to be seen.