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Rain storms in Oklahoma

Oklahoma storm season has arrived.

Last night thunderstorms developed southwest of my tiny farm and moved across the area spawning several tornado’s one that moved across this area about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile northeast of here, we had a hard and fast 2 – 3/8 inch rain that dumped on us in less than 1 hours time and had a measured wind gust of 104 mph. 104 mph is not a typo error.

We lost power for some 6 or so hours. Elect folks said they had 50 or more utility poles broke off due to the hard wind event. To their credit by 6 AM this morning power had been restored to all but 85 homes and they should have electric service by mid morning.

We survived with very little storm damage.

National Weather Service(NWS) has forecast a repeat of last nights storms for late this afternoon and very likely again Saturday afternoon as well.