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Cornmeal Mush? Porridge? Or Is That Polenta?

According to google search, it seems that cooked(boiled) cornmeal can and is sometimes called, Mush, Porridge or Polenta and seems to all be cooked and served much the same way.

Leftover mush can be fried golden brown in a tiny bit of bacon(fat) grease and covered with chili, meat stew or sometimes pinto beans.

Adding sliced jalapeno pepper or adding ‘some’ creamed corn while cooking the mush gives it a different dimension.

1 cup cornmeal
4 cups water OR 2 cups water and 2 cups milk
Bring water to a boil stir in cornmeal. A whisk works better than a spoon.
Move pan to a warm burner, continue stirring until thick and smooth.
Cover pan. Stir well every 10 minutes.
Cook for 40 – 45 minutes. Longer if mush is watery.
Serve hot.

Put leftover mush in a pie pan. When cool cut into chunks.
Fry and serve with beans, stew, soup, greens or chili.

All went well except I think my burner was a bit hot or I need a tiny bit more water.
At 30 minutes it was getting dry and sticking to my enamel coated pot.
I added a few tablespoons of milk and a pat of butter, stirred well and cooked another 15 minutes.

My version did have 1 jalapeno pepper added and was served with bacon and fried eggs.

Overall it was easy to make. Long low temperature cooking time. Leftover mush will be pan fried and served with a spiced Gumbo rice mix and red beans.

Country life is a good life.

Happy Fall gardening

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