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LED Grow Lights – Who Knew…

Being in  need of an economical grow light that takes up little space and does not produce a lot of heat nor cost a lot of cash to operate I opted for LED grow light(s).

Humans can see light produced  in the 400 to 700 (nanometer) nm light spectrum.  Red light being near 400nm, orange around 500nm, blue is near 700nm.



Technically speaking, white is not a color at least not in the sense that there is a light wave with a wavelength that is characteristic of white. Rather, white is the combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum.

Plants respond to light color(s) in different ways. Red and orange tending to cause and support plant vegetative growth.  Blue and white light helps trigger and enhances plant blooming. 

Those ‘experts’ say plants need 12 to 14 hours in the dark.  Plants grow foliage in darkness as well as allowing the plant to ‘rest’ and prepare for next days lighting.  So, I have added a timer and set it to12 hours of lighting and 12 hours in darkness.

This LED light panel is said to be effective lighting 25 to 100 square feet hanging 3 to 5 feet above plants. (Not sure I believe their advertising).  At any rate after observing my plants for about 2 weeks I will make adjustments in light height and timing as need if plants don’t seem to be responding well to my initial setup.

FYI – I  did not know what a nanometer was.  Research tells me 1 nanometer = 1 billionth of 1 meter in length.  Who knew?

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