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Car Port project(1)

Summer project: build a Car Port for daughter and family has begun.
1,225 pounds of assorted steel arrived on sight this afternoon.

Just so there are no misunderstandings. When I say build a car port, what I really mean is son-n-law and grandson will do the real work while I set in the shade, drink an adult beverage while I use a long pointed stick to get this thing standing, welded up and bolted to their existing concrete slab.

First wash the oil off of the square tubing. This tubing is made in Mexico and has a heavy coat of protective oil that must be removed before the steel can be prime painted using a red oxide steel primer.

The cut up list has been developed. Steel will be cut to length, purling brackets and base mount plates used to bolt the up-right poles to an existing concert slab will be welded in place. Primed and painted before being installed.

The car port will be a flat top 20 foot by 24 foot structure 8 feet tall. Ample room for 2 full size cars or pick-up trucks to park.

Cut-up List
7 – bars – 8 inch C-purling 25 foot long
7 – 23 foot 10 inches(roof and frame purling)

4 – bars – 8 inch C-purling 20 foot long(roof and frame purling)

3 – bars – 3X3X14ga square tubing 24 foot long
9 – 8 foot long (up-right poles)

2 – bars – 1-1/2X1-1/2X1/8 inch Angle Iron 20 foot long
8 – 1 foot long(corner ties)
14 – 2 1/2 inches long(purling supports)

1 – bar – 2X3X3/16 inch Angle iron 20 foot long
18 – 3 inches long(up-right pole bolt plates)

1 – bar – 1-1/2X1/8 inch flat 20 foot long
20 – 3 inches long(reinforcement weld on purling ties)

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