Summer vegetables!

It’s the 8 day of June and I have been harvesting radishes, 3 types, french breakfast, icicle and cherry bells for about 2 weeks.

Zucchini and straight yellow squash are producing bushels of squash. This abundant harvest has allowed me to feed my family and a small village of 2500 and still have surplus to feed the horse and donkey.

Lettuce was a failure, planted to late and summer heat got most of the lettuce crop. I’ll try again late this fall.

Happy Gardening

11 responses to “Summer vegetables!

  1. I keep forgetting radishes.
    Thanks for reminding me how easy these little lovelies are.
    Plus, I’ve used them sliced in chop suey, they’re good to stir fry.


  2. My radishes were too insignificant to harvest. I planted them amongst the mint. Maybe not the greatest idea, not a companion plant I gathered. Black seeded Simpson lettuce is doing well in my deck rail planter. Maybe try that variety.

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  3. Thank you so much for your garden and small animal advice! It’s always very useful! We just cleaned out our chicken coop using your recipe for the anti insect spray. I don’t remember now what you called it, but I always spray the coop with it after we clean it.

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  4. I like radishes, but I love to snack on the icicle.

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  5. All of that harvesting sounds wonderful! You are lucky to have the heat (something I miss). I did not have much luck with my squash this year, despite having a bumper crop last year.

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  6. Just got the last of the bell peppers (capsicums) and tomatoes out of the garden earlier this week in now wintery New Zealand. Still getting piles of Swiss chard (silver beet) and celery. I envy your heading into fruitfulness, but our time will soon swing around again!

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  7. Winter has just begun in Australia and I have never known it to be so cold.
    I have a nice garden but I seem to be incapable of growing vegetables, I tried, really tried.

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  8. That’s so great! Your growing season is way ahead of ours.

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  9. I think your season is ahead of ours in New England. Lettuce loves my garden, my soil and I love lettuce. I do several different herbs to go with the lettuce in a salad and that satisfies me. However, radishes do not do well. They are tough and very hot. My husband doesn’t like them. What do you do to get good radishes?

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  10. Chickens are enjoying my over full, I slit the squash in half for them,and there’s a eating frenzy.


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