Smartphones who needs them?

Dulcie Cowling is something of an anomaly she has ditched hers.
The 36-year-old decided at the end of last year that getting rid of her handset would improve her mental health.
Everyone is missing out on real life. I don’t think you get to your death bed and think you should have spent more time on Twitter, or reading articles online.

Alex Dunedin trashed his smartphone two years ago. “Culturally we have become addicted to these tools,” says the educational researcher and technology expert. “They are blunting cognition and impeding productivity.”

Hilda Burke, a psychotherapist and author of The Phone Addiction Workbook, says there is a strong link between heavy device usage and relationship issues, quality of sleep, our ability to switch off and relax, and concentration levels.

“Many people have a constant drip feed of requests coming their way via their device, many with a false sense of urgency.

“They feel unable to lay boundaries down, with the result that they feel compelled to check their emails and messages last thing at night and first thing in the morning.”

Ms Burke says it would be useful if more people monitored how much time they spend on their smartphone. “Starting to realize exactly how much time you’re frittering away each day on your phone can be a powerful wake-up call and catalyst for change.”

Consider most of us check our phones 55 times per day and some of us even 100 times.

Get off the phone. Take your life back.

4 responses to “Smartphones who needs them?

  1. Nice to see there are some who have been thinking about this. I got a mobile in 2015 and ditched the plan in 2018. I still have the phone and use it to take pictures but when it breaks I won’t be replacing it. The cell phone is the gateway to losing everything.

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  2. I know that I also spend too much time on it, but I really see these problems in my students. “They are blunting cognition and impeding productivity.” I see this everyday. It’s a struggle when people only know how to think with google.


  3. I am addicted to listening to podcasts or YouTube while completing other tasks. I looked at my hours spent last week and was appalled. I need to change. Why can’t I have quiet for my ears or rest for my eyes. So frustrating.


  4. Some of us hardly get off of our phones because we are also tethered to a computer. or two. Others are hooked on videos, and most are hooked on the rabbit holes that connect with what we like. Personally, we were better off on landlines. We were better off going to the library and we were free from fake news. Me, personally I have put all my calls on voicemail due to spam. We were better of when things were not so fast and we were without slow connections. We got more excersize vs carpal tunnal and weight gain! Life was better when it was more of a mystery.


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