Bad News For Your Pocket Book

Sea ports are closed or operating at 40 – 60 percent capacity, a truck driver shortage of 80,000 drivers. Rising fuel cost, rising labor cost, sky rocking cost of new replacement transportation vehicles. Forced closures of container storage areas and closure of warehouses (Biden, governors and mayors lock-down mandates.) Most experts in the transportation industry do not see conditions improving for months or possibility years.

Ports in Asia and Europe are not fairing any better than American ports. This is compounding the shipping problem by causing a shortage of available ships, trucks, rail cars and shipping containers at manufacturing businesses world wide.

When Donald Trump was president October 2020, the price to ship a 40 foot container from Asia to California was $3,800. That price under Biden’s administration cost spiked to $17,000 per-container in October of 2021, according to supply chain technology company Freightos.
Freightos said that shipping a container to the east coast is more expensive than the west coast, with rates reaching $20,000.

More than 100 ships were reported this week to be anchored off the coast of California waiting their turn to dock and unload full containers. But the seaports are stocked so high that ports are forcing vessels to wait up to 1 month before unloading.

As many as 200,000 40 foot shipping containers are stranded off the coast waiting to dock in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles had nearly 500 thousand 20-foot shipping containers, about 12 million metric tons of goods waiting in drift areas and at anchor for spots to open up along the port to dock and unload, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California’s master queuing list.

The effect of rising fuel costs, a large container vessel used in Trans-Pacific trade, with an actual, maximum container capacity of 3,875 FEUs (forty foot containers.)
With the cost of bunker fuel at $552 per ton, and with fuel consumption of 217 tons per day, a 28-day round trip voyage for this one vessel would produce a fuel bill of $3,353,952. This cost does not include the daily cost of operating/maintaining the ship and it’s crew.

Biden administration, Governors and Mayors forced coronavirus lock-downs has had a tremendous negative impact on the transportation industry nationwide, causing headaches at sea ports, warehouses, railways, and trucking companies.

Will history books record 1816, the year Without A Summer and 2022 the year America Did Without everything?

12 responses to “Bad News For Your Pocket Book

  1. How about some term limits and get people like lifers Biden, Pelosi and the rest of the rat pack out. How about holding to the Constitution as our founders intended? How about stop letting yourself be governed by fear and irrationality? All of the insiders are connected to insider trading and getting rich on the taxpaying and voters’ dime. We need to secure the election process so a runaway theft NEVER happens again. The problem with today’s youth it does not want to learn history, they want to eradicate it, they want it free, they do not want to work, and isn’t that just what this administration is catering to? The sick, the elderly, the disabled and the military are shoved aside, there is no respect. The youth want nothing to do with their family, they avoid and disrespect everything. They are being taught there is no family unit. And there is no respect of even life itself. Our government has become a Godless society with runaway morals and runaway inflation. Its mantra is “get rich or get out.” or maybe that should say if you are not rich, lookout?


  2. The Tin Cup Clan

    What ever happened to “your watch, your fault”. Maybe it’s just a thing of the past.

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  3. The inflation rate is out of control and you are well aware of why. The media downplays it all, but – when an item I bought one week at $8.98 has jumped this week to $14.99, it’s the “little” people and retired who are hit the hardest.

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  4. It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? But don’t worry, as long as we are all vaccinated (or else!) our problems will go away.

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  5. Why do none of you see that Trump’s doing NOTHING when the C-19 Virus was first brought to his attention started all this? Then when things had to be shut down to slow the infection, working people became aware of how underappreciated they felt in their jobs – thus the great job migration. The biggest mistake throughout all of the last two years is “overpaying” on unemployment benefits. Give the unemployed the level they earned and an extra bonus for those under a certain (low income) level – for their specific area of the US. There is no straight across the board anything in the US. This whole current situation is not a 1-person happening. I did not want to be vaccinated when they first started pushing them because I have a medical condition and I had concerns about the effects. Finally, after researching enough information, and staying in touch with my own physician, I decided it was OK to get it – note: this was over 18months since the initial alert. I had no adverse reactions and find that it was no different than getting my normal annual checkup with a yearly flu shot. If it helps me to help my friends, family, neighbors to all stay a bit safer, I will do so. I am getting tired of all the “this side vs that side BS” and wish we could all register as Independents. Maybe then we can get back to our own free will, freedom of speech, and stop the out-of-control violence.


    • The economy we have today has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. This is all on the heads of the government PRE-Trump and way back. Funny how those that side with Biden cannot see that. Clinton threw this country further under a bus with Nafta. But if you have to also blame someone, Sleepy Creepy Joe was way in it way before Trump even appeared IN government. And this country has slid from the Constitutional Republic. And note that that word REPUBLIC has nothing to do with a republican. Ahem, just who was it that said this country, meaning the USA would fall from God’s grace and become communistic without a shot being fired. Read your history. In fact, read the constitution. Slowly the living document has turned from being a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC to a commie democracy and getting deeper into that day by day. Now, go read your Bible.

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    • Did you forget President Trump was the driving force for ‘Warp Speed’ development of a vaccine?
      High long term unemployment benefits was instituted under Biden administration not President Trump.
      It’s your decision, your choice to be given a drug that alters your DNA and mRNA.
      When ‘the people’ decide police departments must be refunded, stop attacking police officers for do the job they were hired to do, ‘Protect and Serve Americans’ allow police to arrest criminals, DA’s are forced to prosecute and jail criminals, crime will begin to end, well return to pre-Biden, Ocaiso Cortiz, Pelosi, Schumer’s radical socialist agenda.

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  6. I too am extremely frustrated about this. I am worried it will be difficult to provide for my family’s basic needs. It is causing me to take these concerns to God. I’m currently memorizing Psalm 91 because it reminds me I am safe in the secret place of God Almighty.

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  7. This administration believes that inflation is the answer. Inflation puffs false value to everything and makes it seem like the economy is booming while it implodes on itself. When inflation is low we all have more money in our pockets, but it is getting any more our debts even eat that. When THEY say it is a recession, I would like to know for whom? The only reason it might seem that there is any economic rise is more money is being spent and on less goods and services and it takes longer to make that money.

    Big Pharma is killing everyone with the insurance racket and the list goes on and on,

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