That was ‘My’ Idea

In the past few weeks I have seen TV advertisement selling what looks like a 1 inch wide foam paint brush to be used in cleaning hard to reach places. TV advert special price ‘Only’ $19.95.

I have been using foam paint brushes to clean hard to reach places for many years.

Save a few dollars. Buy 1 inch wide foam brushes at Home Depot at the everyday price of $0.68 each.

5 responses to “That was ‘My’ Idea

  1. I use a good quality paint brush for those very narrow places, carved woodwork, books on bookshelves, between keys on a keyboard – done it for decades!

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  2. MANY years ago, in the early 1980’s when I moved to by grandparents home, I used foam brushes to paint with. I think those pads were also popular back then.


  3. We’ve been using them for years too.


  4. Many items here are getting ‘reinvented’ at much higher prices, the younger generation might get taken in by the ads not realising the older generation have been using the same things virtually free of charge.

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