DIY – Chicken water warming system that really works

It’s a little late this winter, but it is valuable information that will save you lots of time and aggravation and keep your chickens supplied with fresh water even on the coldest days of winter.

DIY – Chicken water warming system Please note the light bulb(s) must be incandescent bulb(s) and not LED or CFL bulbs.
LED and CFL light bulbs produce little or no heat.

After reading this DIY project I believe 100 watt incandescent bulbs will be your best choice.

5 responses to “DIY – Chicken water warming system that really works

  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I had to deal with ice in the water pans for the last two weeks. Today was 63° though…


  2. Any chance that straw next to the bulb will catch fire? Otherwise, I think it’s a great idea.

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    • The concert block will not get hot enough to ignite the hay/straw. However for fire safety if used on a wood floor I would place a 18X18X1 1/2 concert paver on the floor under the 8X8X16 heater block containing the light bulb.

      Happy Gardening

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      • I guess I just saw the bit of straw on the floor inside the concrete block (under the bulb) but you’re probably right, it wouldn’t have anywhere to go and the block will certainly not catch fire. The extra precautions are a good idea though.


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