Tomato’s In Your Spring / Summer Garden

TomatoFest website is a good research tool to assist you in choosing the tomato varieties you wish to grow in the 2021 gardening season. TomatoFest advertises that they have available more than 650 different tomato varieties for you to choose from. [See Disclaimer]

TomatoFest Annual Heirloom Tomato Seed Sale – Ends January 18, 2021 Heirloom Tomato’s seed

TomatoFest – Online heirloom tomato seed catalog of more than 650 tomato seed varieties currently offering 325 heirloom tomato varieties on sale now through January 18, 2021.

Dwarf varieties offered to gardeners who are challenged with limited garden space and those who are limited to growing in containers. Dwarf tomato varieties are popular for producing heavy yields on shorter plants.

TomatoFest Cherry Tomato Seed Collection

TomatoFest Short Growing Season Collection

Disclaimer I am not employed nor do I receive any money or free products from TomatoFest company.
I am providing these links as a Research Tool for your convenience.
As with any purchase research and choose your supplier carefully and wisely.

Speaking only for myself, I have had good service and found their products to be as advertised. Producing healthy productive plants.

6 responses to “Tomato’s In Your Spring / Summer Garden

  1. The seed catalogues are stacking up for winter viewing and fantasizing about sunnier days (though I cannot complain about January days in the 40’s & 50’s). I usually focus on trees, berries, and wildlife feeding plants, while The Mrs. decides what will go where in the vegetable garden – Oscar


  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out. I also managed to save some seeds from the most delicious varieties we had last summer.

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  3. If I were on your side of the pond … my order last year was heavily delayed by the post being disrupted, so I have 3 unopened packets. Better use them first! Happy gardening and stay safe in 2021! Will.

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  4. Too soon yet, but it sounds hopeful.

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  5. Thanks for the info!

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