Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations – a life or death disease

Cutting the risk of flu will help the health system better manage the rise in Covid-19 cases.
Anyone who becomes co-infected with flu and coronavirus could end up with a very “severe illness or die. All measures possible are needed to reduce the risk of flu infection.

Because flu and coronavirus share similar symptoms flu has the potential to complicate the vital work of the contact tracing and surveillance programs. The flu is a very unpleasant illness, but in some cases those in ‘at-risk’ groups (the very young and the over 60) it can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Get your Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations as soon as possible. The vaccinations are low cost and in many cases ‘free’.

A day or two ago I got my Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations for ‘Free’ at CVS pharmacy.

4 responses to “Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations – a life or death disease

  1. Because we have socialized medicine in Canada access to flu and pneumonia vaccines is severely restricted time wise. It will be coming available at some time later this month and early next month. We Canadians will generally dutifully line up and get the shots. We used to have large clinics in every little town. It was a big social event with volunteers offering soup, sandwiches and treats to eat during the 20 minutes you are supposed to hang around after the shot. Many of us stayed a lot longer visiting. I don’t know what will happen this year because of COVID. We aren’t allowed to even set foot in our arena. I have had my shots in past years and I highly recommend them, especially the pneumonia one. I used to get many repeat bouts of pneumonia after a cold or flu and that has stopped since I had the pneumonia shot. The only good thing I can see coming out of all these isolation rules is that we no longer see people who are sick showing how tough they are by working anyway, giving their colds and flu to everyone around them. The flu shot is, IMHO, even more important than COVID because flu often kills children whereas COVID generally does not.


  2. Were there any side effects from this year’s flu shot? I plan to get one in the next few days.

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    • Now they us a dead virus, not a live virus to produce the flu and pneumonia vaccine. I have never had any reaction or side effects from the shots.
      Hope you get vaccinated soon.
      Happy Gardening


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