Rain is (almost) always a good thing

Murphy(Murphy’s law) is working overtime.
Spent much of Monday mowing and weed whacking getting ready for the cooler/colder autumn weather.
Murphy had other ideas. Night time temperatures are falling near 50F(10C) degrees. Last night and this morning I have had more than 3 inches (77mm)(7.6cm) of rain. My weather forecaster said it will warm into the high 80’sF(31C) by the weekend.

That tells me I will ‘get’ to mow and and run the string trimmed removing weeds at least one more time before my first frost.

The rain is not good for unharvested cotton and soybean crops, but we have had very little strong winds and that is a good thing for cotton and soybean farmers.

However the good side of this rain is my pond is full, wheat farmers will be in good shape to drill-in winter wheat the 3rd or 4 week of September.
In the long run in the semi-desert southwest Oklahoma rain is always a good thing.

11 responses to “Rain is (almost) always a good thing

  1. I’m glad the weather is turning out to be ok! We are enjoying a nice Indian summer here in Ireland. This makes up for the fact that we didn’t really get warm weather this summer (although we did in the spring).

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  2. Just a bit to the North of you and we squeaked through without a freeze. The low hit 33 degrees. Maybe the melons will finish ripening now.

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  3. Here in New Zealand on the other side of the world we’re coming out of winter into spring. But here, like there, we should learn NEVER to trust the weather forecast.
    Predicted rain and an overnight low forecast of 10 degrees above freezing tempted me to plant out my first early spring veg plants. What did we get? – A frost that killed everything above ground level.
    But today, 2 days later, we get the rain and the overcast milder temperatures.

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  4. Lots of rain in Southern Ontario, but cool temperatures (60s F)

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  5. 29 degrees here in northern MN the last two mornings. And we don’t need your rain yet. A nice fall coming.

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  6. I hope it works out that the rain has been mostly good for you.

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