Frost on the pumpkin

Autumn/fall gardening task will soon come to an end as old man winter nears.

Winter squash and pumpkins should be harvested before night time temperatures fall below 32F(0C) degrees. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale will tolerate frost and may even benefit being exposed to a few frosty nights.

It’s time buy, trade and dig bulbs to be planted for spring garden flowers. This includes planting garlic in your vegetable garden.

Flower beds need to be cleaned, soil dug to a depth of 6 to 8 inches in preparation to plant your bulbs. Bulbs planted in the autumn will spend the cool fall and cold winter months developing a good healthy root system that will support plant growth and allow your bulbs to produce many large flowers next spring.

It is not to late to mail order flowering bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths are some of the most common and popular spring flowering bulbs.
Many lily varieties should be planted in the autumn as well.
However no matter what flowering bulb you favor now is the time to prepare for planting.

7 responses to “Frost on the pumpkin

  1. Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs… we started planting daffodils, which the deer leave alone, 25 years ago. Now, we just dig up the biggest clumps by the wheel barrow after they bloom and transplant them further and further down the road. We even give feed-sacks of them away to the neighbors to spread the color (you can tell who is not neighborly with us by their lack of color in March, symbolic, huh?) – Oscar

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  2. I did not grow any pumpkins this year. I lkinda wished I did, they are excellent chicken feed. Perhaps in 2021. I have already dug up and divided bulbs to plant this fall. It is too early for fall for me as I am not ready though. We breezed through summer and still have summer chores!


  3. Great post. Thanks for reminder, I must start planting my garlic soon!

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  4. I’m swapping sedum and daylilies as my final task of the season.

    I just ordered some do-your-own empty seed packets. Any tips for preserving seeds from this year’s crop?

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    • Seeds do well if stored where they won’t get wet.
      Keep then dry and stored in a dark place. An old shoe box stored in a closet works well.
      Avoid using plastic bags. If plastic bags are used do not seal the bags. Sealing them can cause moisture to form inside of plastic bags.
      Happy Gardening

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  5. Excellent! It’s my first time to grow pumpkins, thanks for the tip! 😊

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  6. Hard to believe this growing season has come to an end so quickly.

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