Pass It On….

Saturday Evening Post cartoon that is to good not to pass on.

I sometimes feel the same way about my Zucchini crop.

11 responses to “Pass It On….

  1. I hope that garbage bin is at least destined to the compost pile! You are foreshadowing my next post about solitary gardening in our culture. Must wait a few days. By the way, hope you liked my recent reference to Oklahoma land runs. Any family history along those lines from your ancestors? – Oscar

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    • No land run participants in my family.
      I moved to Oklahoma in 1966 after being drafted into the army. I served at Fort Sill and 2 tours in Vietnam.

      Dad’s side of the family came to Texas from Maine in 1836 buying several 40 and 80 acre tracts of farm land at $0.10 to $0.15 an acre near the small central Texas town of Dublin.
      Grin …. mostly consisting of more rocks than dirt.

      Mom’s family originated in Mississippi moved to Texas in 1843 and purchased railroad grant land near Tapp, Texas . Tapp burned and was never rebuilt in the winter of 1864.
      Railroad grant land was purchased at $0.25 an acre. They were considered large farm land owners having purchased several 160 and 320 acre tracts of land.

      Happy Gardening

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      • A dime and a quart probably had some value back then… rather than “The Federal Reserve has a coin shortage… exact change only accepted for cash purchases…” Wonder if the phrase “a dime, a dozen” had something to do with its value centuries ago?

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  2. Feast or famine. Too bad it all happens at once with the crops.

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  3. Idk why we bother bringing half our produce inside. It ends up going to the chickens anyway

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  4. Two of my squashes made a run for the other side of the garden, and they’re producing mostly male blossoms. So I keep waiting for the Zucchini Onslaught.

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  5. Oh man. We had a country house years ago, and decided to plow a quarter acre for this enormous vegetable garden, like the lifestyle gurus on television. My husband, who famously cannot make up his mind selecting any one thing, planted 56 tomato plants and let’s not even talk about varieties of squash. By the end of the season, we were launching cucumber bombs at each other for amusement. We started donating literally all of our produce to a food pantry. Now I stick to ornamental gardening 😛

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  6. Green Beans. How is it one row of beans can outproduce everything in the garden?

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  7. Thank you! One can always use a good laugh. I’m sure glad the chickens like zucchini.

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