Unsolicited seed package warning

This is the third or fourth blog post I have seen in the past 2 or 3 weeks about garderners receiving ‘unsolicited’ seed packages that seem to be coming from China.

Mysterious packages of seeds sent from China are appearing in people’s mailboxes unsolicited.
The packages are coming in all different shapes and sizes and are sometimes delivered under the guise of jewelry.

Washington, Louisiana, Kansas, Florida, Oklahoma and Colorado Department of Agriculture is warning residents not to plant, throw away, or open the seeds.
Cheryl Smith, a specialist for the Colorda department, said “allowing the seeds to grow could be harmful to local ecosystems. They could be an invasive species here in the United States.
If they were to grow and survive, then they could also attract pests that we are not familiar with and don’t have already. Which could then attack other agriculture crops that we do have.”

Even worse the seeds could produce plants, folage, seeds and fruits that are poisonous to children, pets, livestock and poultry if eaten.

If you receive a Unsolicited seed package.

Do keep all packaging and mail/shipping labels. These can assist investigators to trace the source of Unsolicited seed packages.

Do call your county or state department of agriclture and request they pick-up the unsolicited seed package(s).

Do Not open unsolicited seed packages.

Do Not plant unsolicited seed.

Do Not dispose of unsolicited seed package(s) in trash bins.

Do Not flush unsolicited seed in your toilet.

Do Not throw unsolicited seed packages in your compost pile.

Agriculture departments in other states including Washington, Louisiana and Kansas have reported similar events.

13 responses to “Unsolicited seed package warning

  1. I haven’t heard about this in the UK yet but I expect we will get them. Weird and worrying.


  2. Very disconcerting, thank you for the warning!


  3. Great info! I have been a confiscation victim! You can read my story at my blog at https://kbeltd.wordpress.com/herbs-inventory/chives/ complete with photo of what the DOA sent me!! I swear you cannot make this stuff up!

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    • I hope they sent you a package of guitar seed as well.
      Happy Gardening

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      • LOL! Yeah, I was wondering how often to water them guitar picks, too funny, yet not…I have also received orders that seed was not what it was supposed to be from other companies. Particular trouble areas for me seem to be seed sold through Amazon and not realizing they are possibly coming from China. I am trying to swear off China products, just too many foopahs there, but that gets difficult on Amazon.

        I understand that WISH and TOP HATTER art “great” [places for these seed foopahs too. Both companies are notorious for goods out of China. So a few heads up to those “wishing” to order from those particular companies. Another good glitch with those two are that they will send out hardgoods as well and they often go to the wrong address. Buyer beware. Prospects of getting your money back…DONT KNOW! So meanwhile while you don’t get the product or do, they have your payment info… food for thought. Be vigilant of whom you buy from, that is all I can say.

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  4. Another scam coming out of Communist China is that they mail you something you never ordered and then post a glowing review on websites like Amazon and because they sent you the package the review is considered “verified”. I got a lovely new staging set up with many colours and backgrounds for doing close up photography of small items that way. Never ordered it. Amazon removed “my” glowing review written in bad English told me to just keep it. I donated it to our local school’s photography club where the scammer’s nasty trick was turned into a good thing.

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  5. Good to know. I haven’t heard about it here in FL, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks.

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  6. Wow what on earth next.

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  7. Forget about the grammar. It’s the information that is important. I’m not going to take any chances if I happen to get a pack of unsolicited seeds in my mailbox.

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  8. I did a cursory search of the State of Washington Agricultural web site and couldn’t find any information to corroborate this story. I’m wondering if it’s accurate. Did you find any OFFICIAL warnings of this “danger”? I would be interested in links you could send from any of the states’ agricultural web sites that you have mentioned in this blog. The quoted Cheryl Smith is a specialist for what department?
    BTW I’m known in my circles as the grammar Nazi and to bolster that reputation: “Do not DISPOSE (not depose) of unsolicited…” Also do not throw (not through) unsolicited seeds on your compost pile”. Although, I’m thinking that if your compost pile is composting properly, seeds are safely decomposing along with all the other organic matter. That said, I’ve transplanted many a healthy volunteer cherry tomato plant from my compost pile to my garden.
    Thanks for a thought provoking post.

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  9. Good to know!

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