Having Blue Eyes makes you special

Everyone with blue eyes has a common ancestor.
Only 8 to 10 percent of the worlds population have blue eyes and we are all related to one another due to our 1 common ancestor so long ago.

Blue eyes stem from a single gene mutation about 6,000-10,000 years ago. This means that back then, one person had a faulty gene that did not produce melanin in the iris.

Blue eyed people are more sensitive to light. (Welcome to my world). Just the same way that skin can get damaged by sunlight, so can eyes. The less melanin you have in your eyes, the more kinds of light can get in, and do more damage; brown eyes block more of the harmful UV rays.
People with blue eyes should be extra careful and use sunglasses whenever possible. For the same reason, blue eyed people have more eye problems associated with screen use (from computers and cell phones) because those screens emit blue light.

Health benefits to having blue eyes? Surprisingly, there may be. One study of women undergoing childbirth found that women with lighter eyes had less postpartum depression and an easier birth than those with darker eyes.

One study reports that it seems possible that if you’re sensitive to light all the time, you build up a little insensitivity to overall pain in general.

Other studies report studies that light-eyed people have higher tolerance for alcohol and some medications.

Eye color depends on what your eyes reflect, filtered through a light or dark lens.
If your blue eyes sometimes turn green, it’s because of things reflecting around you. It could be yellow light, or it could be something you’re wearing, or makeup, or the color of the room you’re in. It all depends on different things. It’s literally just a trick of the light.

Blue eyes your night vision is better if your eyes are lighter, but you get glare during the day.

7 responses to “Having Blue Eyes makes you special

  1. Blue eyes here also. Never knew all this, very interesting!


  2. I agree about the light sensitivity part.


  3. Experientially*


  4. I can verify at least most of these are experimentally true for me. Natural childbirth, no complications, pretty high pain tolerance, I use prescription sunglasses. But- I definitely don’t have great night vision.


  5. Reblogged this on Flat Creek Rolling and commented:
    I like this post from Town and Country, because I have blue eyes too.

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    How interesting! My Dad had blue eyes and mine are blue/grey.


  7. I have blue eyes and relate to all these problems of light sensitivity. I wear varifocals when I go out which go dark with any UV and do help with glare.Nice to know that blue eyed people are special!!

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