Eat your daylilies moma said

I have heard of eating daylilies many time in the past but have never actually eaten one.
After reading this bloggers post I am going to collect some blooms from a friend that has a large daylily garden.

I send my thanks to for this interesting blog posting.

6 responses to “Eat your daylilies moma said

  1. Momma told me there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my momma said! Now that song will be in my head all day, but that’s okay, good tune. And of course, Momma was right!

    Great read, thanks! I cut my day lillies off when Cal Water jacked their rates, but will have to put them back on line again!

    Hanging in there in COnVID Country, Juanita


  2. thanks for sharing this – I had no idea!


  3. They are delicious!

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  4. I’ve eaten the new shoots steamed and the buds coated and fried and in stir fry. I actually planted a nice clump of the old fashioned orange variety in my front yard flower, vegetable, and herb border so that I would have a good supply at home and wouldn’t have to climb around in ditches to get the buds for dinner! P.S. I leave my fancy ones in the garden to admire.

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  5. The Chinese call cooked Daylily flowers “golden needles”. And the roots, too. Can be dried and made into flour…

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