Silver lining to convid-19 lock downs

New data confirms the improvement in air quality over Europe is a byproduct of the coronavirus crisis. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) a pollutant that comes principally from the use of fossil fuels takes a sharp dip.

There’s a lot of variability in NO2 from day to day. And that’s real variability, it’s not a measurement artefact, but it’s just due to changes in the weather. So when the wind direction changes, or the wind speed changes, or the stability of the boundary layer changes you will get different readings.

Polluting gases fall rapidly as coronavirus spreads. Eyes in the sky leaves polluters nowhere to hide. Sentinel-5P (S5P) maps have previously released of China and Italy. The new maps of Italy shows marked reductions in the north of country where the Covid-19 outbreak has been most severe.

The time period to see the dip in air pollution concentrations is also quite short.

Will we learn any lessons from quickly air pollution can be cleared from cities and countries?

5 responses to “Silver lining to convid-19 lock downs

  1. The main thing I have noticed in my small town is no teenagers spinning around and laying rubber on Main Street at night. A couple of days ago the Canada geese arrived.

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    • I don’t think convid-10 related lock downs or travel restrictions had anything to do with this, but, for the first time in 50 years living in the country I have a small flock of wood ducks spending their days feeding on and adound our small pond.
      Happy Gardening

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  2. Even though we live in a semi rural area we are noticing that there is so much more wildlife around, and I’m not saying this because I am home to observe it, I have been home the last four years fighting cancer and heart failure, so have spent many many hours in my garden in that time.

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    • Yes, I’ve noticed more wildlife/life. More insects. The birds could simply be more prevalent because it is mating season and they are staying closer to my pond/their home in the nearby leylandii.

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  3. Hi.
    Nicely Observed. Thanks
    For This Post. Much
    😮 👍
    A Byproduct… We Should
    Not Waste. Such Benefits. Stay

    Well, Safe. Till Next… Shiro 😎

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