Home(stead) and Garden Projects [3]

OK, OK, this is the last of my project pictures…. I promise.

24 foot double gate

20 foot farm gate

sheep or goat milking / grooming stand

4 post bed frame

hunting cabin wood burning stove

shop work on a cold day

salvage trailer

finished salvaged flatbed trailer

12X24 foot portable building

salvage livestock trailer

finished salvage livestock trailer

11 responses to “Home(stead) and Garden Projects [3]

  1. Great job bringing new life to the salvaged materials!


  2. Now that I have seen that 4 post bed frame I cant wait to share the idea with my husband who also welds…although not so much for me but for the DOH.
    LOVE IT!


  3. Very nice work!

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  4. I am loving these!

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  5. You are amazingly talented!! I’m impressed.

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  6. Enjoyed seeing these creative projects, and giving the old cattle trailer a fresh look is great!

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  7. I hope the coming warmer weather doesn’t put a stop to the creativity.

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