Home(stead) and Garden Projects [2]

This was a winter project. It was built for my daughter to serve as a bookcase. Much to my surprise she said she has only one book, her mothers old cookbook.

It seems that she gets all of her books on tape and listens to them while in her car and at work. Anything else is found using an internet search for one time reading.
It has morphed into a pantry shelf filled with flavored coffee’s, tea’s, chips and boxes of dog bones and bird feed for her macaws.

When did people stop buying, reading / collecting books?

Below are two examples of what I call Yard Art.

9 responses to “Home(stead) and Garden Projects [2]

  1. nancy marie allen

    That looks like the perfect plant stand!


  2. Wow, the book cases are really nice! But at least they’ll be used, even if not for books 🙂


  3. These and the projects you posted earlier, the table, bridge and bench are all so nicely done! Very professional looking. You’re very talented! Cheers


  4. That’s a shame. It’s a beautiful bookcase!

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  5. Beautiful! I wish I have one of those. I have not stopped buying books and ought to. I have a small library, 3,000 + and counting. I’m running out of space. My son said no more bookcase for me!

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  6. Lovely bookcase. Such a shame it won’t be used for books. But maybe your daughter will find another good use for it.

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