Hero Dog Protects 3 Year Old Lost Owner

Every Dog needs a boy.
Hero Dog Protects Young Lost Owner Until the Child Is Found by Police: ‘Give That Dog a Bone’

Buddy the dog stood on guard and helped police locate a missing 3-year-old boy who had wandered off into the woods on Tuesday, according to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities were first made aware of the boy’s disappearance when his frantic mother called 911 and reported that the child, who had been playing outside with his siblings, was missing along with the family dog.

Officers and a K9 unit from Suwannee Correctional Institution then began searching for the missing boy until they received a call from a neighbor that the child had been found, though Buddy the dog was being very protective and wouldn’t let strangers near his human companion.

Humans could learn an important lesson from a small boys best friend.

8 responses to “Hero Dog Protects 3 Year Old Lost Owner

  1. such a beautiful story 🙂


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  3. Absolutely heartwarming; dogs are truly a human’s best friend.

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  4. Awe! I agree gave that dog a beef bone.

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  5. Great story. Good to hear something good about a Pit Bull. I have had neighbors with Pit Bulls that have been around the neighborhood kids with no problems. They always seemed like such good dogs. I read the comment from hazelroselooms and felt like I lost something. I reread the post several times then went to the link. I didn’t notice anything about what they are referring to. Thanks for sharing this post!

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  6. Thanks for sharing the heartwarming story.

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  7. I expect you had better un-follow me as I am an atheist. And one who does not give a damn what you believe, that’s your own business, but how can you be offended by my beliefs and say you don’t want me telling you what to believe! Thst’s pretty much what you are doing. Should I be offended by you? Okay, I am.
    And this is a socialist country, like it or not. Everthing this country does for you is paid for by me & other’s like me, every “freedom” you enjoy is fought for by me and other’s like me. Get real. You wanted “politically incorrect”? You got it.


    • Buttercup I agree with you, if you are offended by me then we may both be better off not communicate with each other.
      But for the record, I was an Artilleryman serving my country in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

      Among other awards I was awarded the Army Commendation Metal for Heroism on the battle field as well as the Bronze Star metal.

      I would like to think you are an American Patriot and have served in the United States Military.


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