Towns ban cars and trucks from city

York to have the UK’s first car-free city center after the council backed plans to ban private vehicles.

UK – York to end all “non-essential” car journeys inside its historic city walls within three years.

Bristol has announced plans to become the first UK city to ban diesel cars by next year.

London – high-polluting vehicles entering central London already face an extra £10 ($13.25 USD) levy on top of the £11.50 ($15.20 USD) daily congestion charge.

Barcelona’s car-free smart city experiment. There is virtually no traffic and the space where cars would have parked is given over to play areas, trees and even a running track.
Superblocks is a radical plan to reclaim the streets from the noise and pollution of traffic.
There are just six superblocks so far, but Barcelona plans hundreds of others. They are made up of nine existing blocks joined together into an area which bans all but essential vehicles which are limited to 10 kph (6mph). Parking for residents is underground.

This begs to ask, will UK and Spain’s cities soon mandate only electric powered vehicles and electric powered public transportation with in cities?
Will this spur US cities to vote in favor of similar vehicle bans?

11 responses to “Towns ban cars and trucks from city

  1. We have a no car city right here in NC for a completely different reason. Love Valley, NC ( harkens back to the horse towns of old.

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  2. More government control…where will it all end???

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  3. Did not “street sweepers” of the 19th century mostly collect horse poop from the streets to keep the urban centers clean? I think that one issue that is different is that a pile of horse dung poses a limited risk for someone to step or drive through it. While, auto exhaust distributes through the air, damaging lungs, buildings and other structures (bridges to playgrounds), and plants. Electric cars may reduce the ground level concentration of air pollution, but unless the charging stations utilize solar or wind energy for the electric vehicles, anyone down-wind of the coal/oil/gas power stations will be breathing the energy source for those vehicles anyway. Happy walking. -Oscar

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  4. It’s hard to know what the perfect solution is…

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  5. I can see how this is a positive in some ways. The reality will not be that people suddenly drop their diesel vehicles, if public transport is not reasonably priced or suitable for the hours people need to get to work. No access to public transport.
    Those that can afford to pay the charges already in situ the chances are that they or their employer will pay them for them. How about those that actually live in the areas.

    Are they penalised?

    Then what happens with all the materials that these now defunct vehicles are made up of to go? Sure some of the materials are recyclable. what will happen to the plastic, the foam.

    I recently was unable to sell my vehicle that’s engine had seized and in the end I wanted it gone. (i live rurally) I was given $250 for a vehicle (if the engine had not seized ) should have been worth $6000 and it was going to be crushed.

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  6. Reblogged this on Gardening My Way and commented:
    Here’s a thought for my Daily Thing. Yes, not Gardening but still we are all environmentally thoughtful as gardener’s so I considered this article relevant.

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  7. Eventually, yes. And of course it will spread internationally. My current diesel car will be viewed with the same contempt as a smoker within 5 years in the UK. Good job I’m emigrating.

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  8. The reason the UK has so many highly polluting diesel cars is because of the green energy movement. Diesel, cut with coconut oil (planted and harvested at enormous environmental expense) has a lower carbon footprint than a gasoline vehicle. The move to ban cars is natural consequence of the green movement. And the real motivation here? A population that lacks the means of independent movement is much easier to control.

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