Ramen the noddle with many faces

Ramen Noddle shoes? I always knew Ramen is widely used by college students and those with limited funds or time to cook, but I don’t know how this will work in shoe size 6.

This post started out as a rant about what Sager Creek Foods, Inc laughing calls Popeye spinach. My first can was opened and drained of it’s water. After draining I had about 1/2 can of spinach the remaining content was water. In my opinion not a very good quality spinach. Containing mostly spinach stems only having enough leaf to legally call this product spinach.
However it does work well as an addition to stir-fried vegetables.

** Ramen noddles with stir-fried vegetables.
1 – package noddles
1/2 cup beef or chicken broth per serving (add noddle flavoring packet to broth)
I use Wylie’s beef / chicken cubes because that’s the brand sold by my local supermarket.
Thin slice vegetables to stir-fry (your choice)
1 – teaspoon soy sauce used when stir-frying vegetables
1 – tablespoon pickled pepper vinegar
Cook and drain noddles, add to your bowl of broth.
Top with stir-fried vegetables.
Optional 1/2 cup cold or hot white or brown rice as a side dish.

Serve with a wine or beer that you like to drink.
Optionally serve with hot Green Tea.

Don’t forget to invite a boy or girl that you like spending time with.

Happy New Year

5 responses to “Ramen the noddle with many faces

  1. Noddle. That is adorable. 🙂


  2. Ramen is one of our favorite things to eat! It’s not so healthy but sometimes you just want to indulge in instant noodles. Korean ramen companies come up with all kinds of flavors and types of noodles.
    The ramen shoes are interesting! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I will check out this link. I might give it a try soon. Got a brand new insta-Pot which has many functions, including a pressure cooker/canner. Happy New Years to You and yours~


  4. Bet this seems like a humble substitute for the wonderful veggies you get from your garden in the summer! Winter is hard on us gardeners… I know several folks who use their instant pot as a pressure cooker and put up meat, such as chicken or beef. Your thoughts on this? I have always been too cautious about the health risks but apparently, it is safe if processed correctly?? Nothing beats fresh spinach from the garden though.

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