Judge rules ‘ duck’s have the right to ‘Quack’

Ducks have won: French court rules they may keep on quacking.
Ducks on a small French smallholding may carry on quacking, a French court ruled, rejecting a neighbor’s complaint that the birds’ racket was making their life a misery.

The complaint was brought by Douthe’s neighbor who moved from the city around a year ago into a property about 50 meters (yards) away from the enclosure in the Soustons district where Douthe keeps her flock.

City dwellers that move to the country side should be required to certify in writing that they understand poultry, waterfowl cows and goat bells are common sounds that occur when living in the country and city folk will not be allowed to disturb their neighbors life’s with lawsuits that may relate to life in the country or that may effect farmers lives.

Remember Maurice? A judge ruled a rooster named Maurice was allowed to continue his dawn crowing, despite complaints from neighbors who had also moved in from the city.

12 responses to “Judge rules ‘ duck’s have the right to ‘Quack’

  1. And, real estate agents know to not bring out potential customers to rural, farm country when the farmers are spreading manure!

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  2. I can’t imagine objecting to ducks! however, there was a time when our former neighbors had FIFTEEN ROOSTERS in a coop about 20 feet from us. That was Not Fun, especially since they all crowed from midnight to 3:30 am and then nothing.

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  3. I read (a few years back) where a farmer would take his herd of milking cows across a back country road occasionally. Some people from town on a Sunday drive got some poo on their car. They sued and the farmer had to put in an expensive tunnel under the road for the cows!

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  4. I think this is hilarious. In cities, they build parks with artificial duck ponds to give people the illusion of nature. Then people move from the city to the country, and they file lawsuits about how a duck pond has ruined their garden.

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  5. When we bought our small farm in Colorado, we had to sign a “right to farm” agreement before closing. It is a requirement in our County. It basically states that we are aware that this is a farming community and there will be noises and smells (yep – really strong in the warm summer months-LOL) relating to such farming activities. I love it!!

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  6. When I go to the city,I think I’ll file a complaint on all the sirens,horns and street noise when I’m trying to sleep!😉 give me a duck or rooster any day!!

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  7. In this yucky mad world of horrors, reading this makes me smile again, for such madness is more hilarious.

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  8. And wait for the complaints if a cockerel moves into a town garden! To be fair, when we had hens in town, the neighbours loved them. Friends in Berlin were happy to live next door to hens; a few eggs make a good sweetener – but if they didn’t come from a supermarket, are they safe? I hear mothers telling their children that the grapes on our fence might be poisonous. I do invite them to try them.

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    • All eggs backyard or supermarket eggs should be washed under running water before using.

      Your fence grapes are very likely safer than supermarket grapes. Your fence grapes have not been sprayed with toxic insecticides to produce that perfect supermarket grape.

      Happy Gardening


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