Abandoned and Orphaned – Give them a second chance

As we approach the holidays think of the many poor abandoned and orphaned Fruitcakes.

If someone forces a fruitcake through your letter box or abandons it on your door step. Sometimes you will find them hidden on dark shelf’s of pantries, lurking behind a jar of juice in the back of your refrigerator. They may be found well concealed in an Amazon, eBay or Walmart box marked ‘Christmas gifts.
While at work you may discover someone has abandoned a poor little Fruitcake and secretly placed it in your bottom right desk drawer, don’t despair.

If you have no place in your heart or home or desire to adopt and care for one of these abandoned or orphaned Fruitcakes post them as soon as possible to me at Town and Country Gardening blog.

I will give them a home, treat them with respect, feed them with a sprinkling of spice rum from time to time while waiting for them to mature. Fruitcakes will get the attention they deserve being displayed on my best silver platter as a special treat for my family, friends and special holiday guest.

About Texas Fruitcake I find serving large quantities of wine, brandy and whiskey before serving Collins street bakery Fruitcake makes my Fruitcake more appealing and it disappears quickly as my guest comment of the luxury taste and texture of my holiday Fruitcake.

FYI: I am in no way affiliated with nor do I receive free gifts or monetary compensation. from this bakery. I just like their fruitcakes.
Happy Holiday season

9 responses to “Abandoned and Orphaned – Give them a second chance

  1. All the British Fruitcakes are currently sitting in Parliament and I would not waste a drop of whisky or rum on any of them! Like the article.

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    • I am in total agreement with your assessment of UK’s parliament. I have been watching and reading about Brexit for what seems like years. What a disgrace and embarrassment to UK voters.


  2. What a wonderful post to read first thing in the morning- I LOVE fruitcake, so you can have half the Orphans and the other half can come live with me! One difference though, is that I give them each a nice little nip of Good Irish whiskey every so often. Wouldn’t want the poor wee babies to get parched.
    Enjoyed reading the Collins Street Bakery history- what a colorful and interesting partnership. Thanks for sharing. Great morning coffee humor as I sit here and watch the thick Northwest fog settling around the trees. Tis the fruitcake season

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  3. My mom used to make the best fruitcake, baking sometime around now, and pouring a shot of rum or brandy every day until early December. I have been kind to them ever since. Great post!

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  4. I have anaphylactic actions to cherry. No fruitcakes in my home. I am a big fan of the spiced rum though.

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  5. I was about to make a fruit cake for Christmas (a bit late perhaps I know) but was out of NUTS. Thanks for providing a whole blog-load!

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  6. Bonkers! and you know the saying “You are what you eat” {{{giggles}}}

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  7. 😂..I’ll be glad to help you with those orphans… Another love is mincemeat pie.

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  8. LOL! I’ll check my pantry shelves, just in case!

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