Right Tool for the job

Being willing to try something new using the latest improved technology, I bought one of the as seen on TV copper colored whizz bang no stick fry pan.
I carefully followed ‘all’ the instructions on how to clean and fry foods on this not so wonderful copper colored fry pan.
I even put away my trusty 25 year old steel spatula and replaced it with the recommended silicone spatula.

From day one eggs and sausage patties stuck to this pan much like they were fried using super glue on the pan. An almost new copper colored fry pan was sent to the trash bin. The lesson here is don’t buy any product advertised ‘As Seen On TV’ as one of it’s selling points.

Still in need of an 8 inch non-stick fry pan I made a trip to my local farm and ranch (farmers coop) store and for $8.97 bought a Lodge per-seasoned cast iron skillet. After washing drying and applying a thin coat of bacon fat to it’s surfaces I fried my frozen sausage patties followed by 2 over easy fried eggs. Yea, nothing was sticking to my cast iron pan.
As an added bonus this pan is perfect size for frying one real meat burger patty. I don’t eat or recommend that you eat some fake vegetable patty masquerading as meat burger patties.
Grin … without fire and protein from meats man would still be subsisting on grass seeds and grubbing in the dirt for plant roots and insect grubs.

FYI: I do like my new silicone spatula much better when turning eggs than my old steel spatula. No more broken egg yokes.

Happy Gardening and Healthy eating from your vegetable garden.

12 responses to “Right Tool for the job

  1. Cast iron is definitely the way to go.


  2. About 10 years ago, we tossed all of our prior cooking pots and pans, as we transitioned to cast-iron and stainless steel (for goat milk products) cooking implements. Unless our arthritis gets too severe to pick up the cast-iron, I would never go back to As Advertised on TV stuff (plus, from what I read, the communities where these pots & pans are made suffer from toxic well water). We have 4″ pans (great for egg sandwiches) to 12″ skillets (great for egg frittata) to huge stew pots for cooking all day on the wood stove in the dead of winter. No anemia for us too, all the iron in your food. – Oscar


  3. Hi Ya, I found an enameled skillet at a second-hand store and it works great for a quick fry of sausage patties or a single burger. The beauty of it is that it’s not heavy, it only cost a few bucks and with just a little oil or bacon fat on the bottom, stuff doesn’t stick. I love all my cast iron but sometimes it is very heavy. Nothing like it for overall heat distribution and the joy of being able to still use my Grandma’s cast iron skillets

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    • 😦 .. I had 2 steel enameled fry pans 1- eight inch the other was a 12 inch pan that I used mostly when I was at the lake or river camping for a few days.
      All most 3 years ago my son-n-law wanted to borrow my fry pans for a camp out with my daughter and grandson.

      My pans must have found a new home because I never saw them again.
      Happy Gardening

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  4. I know which skivvy colour I want when I join The Wiggles 💜

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  5. I use cast iron frying pans and everything else cast iron to cook with. The only problem I have with creeping age is that if I fry something that needs tipping into a serving dish, the large pans are now hell of a heavy to hold while turning with the handle and scraping into a bowl. I may have to resort to those lightweight useless pans!

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  6. Those tv sales are always a hoax,as a lot of things on there are..like cnn.😳😁 back to the cast iron,I have a large round cast iron pan that I make pizza in, the crust is done beautifully with a nice crisp bottom and soft inside.

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    • I knew better than to invest in anything not made by Lodge cast iron company. Grin … but the copper looking pan over rode my common sense.
      I have a large assortment of cast iron cookware from small skillets to 12 inch skillet, 2 large roasting/cook pots. Some people call these large pots Dutch ovens but the truth is a Dutch oven has 3 or 4 short legs and a recessed lid to hold hot coals while cooking. I have a nice large cast iron wok and a 10 inch and 12 inch grilling pan that works really well for corn cakes and pancakes. They are perfect for grilling steaks, bacon and patty sausage.

      Happy Gardening and no stick cooking with ‘cast iron’.

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  7. Cast iron and old fashioned steel are my favourite pots and pans material.

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  8. You can’t beat a cast iron frying pan.

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  9. Yay! Let’s hear it for cast iron frying pans.

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